WifiConfiguration enable network in Lollipop

I was working on Wifi project, there is a module that enable user to join wifi programatically.

In kitkat and below it’s working successfully, but in Lollipop it’s not working.

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  • Here is the code :

    WifiManager wifiManager = (WifiManager) getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE);
    WifiConfiguration wifiConfiguration = new WifiConfiguration();
    wifiConfiguration.SSID = "\"testSSID\"";
    wifiConfiguration.hiddenSSID = true;
    wifiConfiguration.status = WifiConfiguration.Status.ENABLED;
    netId = wifiManager.addNetwork(wifiConfiguration);
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "add Network returned " + netId);
    boolean checkEnableWifi = wifiManager.enableNetwork(netId, true);
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "enableNetwork returned " + checkEnableWifi);

    my tested device is nexus 5 build number LRX21O, is ther something wrong in my code or bug on Lollipop?

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    Faced similar issue on lollipop.

    Disabling other networks manually, an then reconnecting wifi manager solved the issue.

    boolean enableNework(String ssid, Context cxt) {
        boolean state = false;
        WifiManager wm = (WifiManager) cxt.getSystemService(Context.WIFI_SERVICE);
        if (wm.setWifiEnabled(true)) {
            List<WifiConfiguration> networks = wm.getConfiguredNetworks();
            Iterator<WifiConfiguration> iterator = networks.iterator();
            while (iterator.hasNext()) {
                WifiConfiguration wifiConfig = iterator.next();
                if (wifiConfig.SSID.equals(ssid))
                    state = wm.enableNetwork(wifiConfig.networkId, true);
        return state;

    Try this. Do not disable other saved networks. As it will hinder the fallback of wifi on other networks when your selected network is not available. Play with the priority.

     *  Max priority of network to be associated.
    private static final int MAX_PRIORITY = 999999;
     * Allow a previously configured network to be associated with.
    public boolean enableNetwork(String ssid) {
        boolean state = false;
        List<WifiConfiguration> list = wifiManager.getConfiguredNetworks();
        if(list != null && list.size() > 0) {
            for( WifiConfiguration i : list ) {
                if(i.SSID != null && i.SSID.equals(convertToQuotedString(ssid))) {
                    int newPri = getMaxPriority() + 1;
                    if(newPri >= MAX_PRIORITY) {
                        // We have reached a rare situation.
                        newPri = shiftPriorityAndSave();
                    i.priority = newPri;
                    state = wifiManager.enableNetwork(i.networkId, true);
        return state;
    private int getMaxPriority() {
        final List<WifiConfiguration> configurations = wifiManager.getConfiguredNetworks();
        int pri = 0;
        for (final WifiConfiguration config : configurations) {
            if (config.priority > pri) {
                pri = config.priority;
        return pri;
    private void sortByPriority(final List<WifiConfiguration> configurations) {
            new Comparator<WifiConfiguration>() {
                public int compare(WifiConfiguration object1, WifiConfiguration object2) {
                    return object1.priority - object2.priority;
    private int shiftPriorityAndSave() {
        final List<WifiConfiguration> configurations = wifiManager.getConfiguredNetworks();
        final int size = configurations.size();
        for (int i = 0; i < size; i++) {
            final WifiConfiguration config = configurations.get(i);
            config.priority = i;
        return size;
     * Add quotes to string if not already present.
     * @param string
     * @return
    public static String convertToQuotedString(String string) {
        if (TextUtils.isEmpty(string)) {
            return "";
        final int lastPos = string.length() - 1;
        if (lastPos > 0
                && (string.charAt(0) == '"' && string.charAt(lastPos) == '"')) {
            return string;
        return "\"" + string + "\"";

    Try adding wifiManager.setWifiEnabled(true); at the end of your code.

    try setting false where you are trying to diable other networks.

    wifiManager.enableNetwork(netId, false);

    and one more thing if your addNetwork succeeds then you can proceed with the rest. if it returns a -1 you cannot call enableNetwork as the netId you are using would be -1. so what you could ideally do is

    netId = wifiManager.addNetwork(wifiConfiguration);
    if(netId >= 0){
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "add Network returned " + netId);
    boolean checkEnableWifi = wifiManager.enableNetwork(netId, true);
    Log.d("WifiPreference", "enableNetwork returned " + checkEnableWifi);

    I was facing a situation on Nexus 7 connecting to hp printer in which the method enablenetwork(id,true) return true but still does not connect. Answer from @Santosh and @Seraphim helped me..Disabling each network and enabling only the required SSID worked.

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