What does stopLoading() really do?

Yes, I know the documentation for stopLoading() says “Stops the current load.

But when I try to use it to stop loading currently progressing page before loading a new one, it doesn’t seem to behave as desired:

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  • 07-24 12:53:30.177: V/WebView.loadUrl: http://www.google.com
    07-24 12:53:30.227: V/WebViewClient.onPageStarted: http://www.google.com
    ===> WebView.stopLoading() called here <====
    07-24 12:53:31.917: V/WebView.loadUrl: http://www.stackoverflow.com
    07-24 12:53:32.697: V/WebViewClient.onPageFinished: http://www.google.com
    07-24 12:53:32.767: V/WebViewClient.onPageStarted: http://www.stackoverflow.com
    07-24 12:53:33.587: V/WebViewClient.onPageFinished: http://www.stackoverflow.com

    As you can see in the log, WebViewClient.onPageFinished() for the first loadUrl() gets called despite the fact that WebView.stopLoading() was called about 1 second earlier.

    Why is that?

    What does stopLoading() really do?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “What does stopLoading() really do?”

    you786 is right:

    public void stopLoading() {
        // TODO: should we clear all the messages in the queue before sending
        // STOP_LOADING?

    For that TODO they marked in the remaining messages would get processed in first. So that results in what I am just curious about: when stopping load in

    WebViewClient.onReceivedError(WebView view, int errorCode, String description, String failingUrl)

    The WebView does not really stops, instead it loads its own 404 Page (what it normally would do if you don’t call stopLoading()):

    11-07 16:30:01.112: I/MainActivity(19189): Loading:
    11-07 16:30:01.253: V/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): SHOULD_INTERCEPT_REQUEST:
    11-07 16:30:01.347: V/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): PAGE_STARTED:
    11-07 16:30:01.347: V/MainActivity.WebChromeClient(19189): ON_PROGRESS_CHANGED: 10
    11-07 16:30:01.347: V/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): LOAD_RESOURCE:
    11-07 16:30:25.292: I/GATE(19189): <GATE-M>DEV_ACTION_ERROR</GATE-M>
    11-07 16:30:25.300: E/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): (CONNECT - Failed to connect to the server) ->
    11-07 16:30:25.300: W/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): loading stopped..:
    11-07 16:30:25.300: V/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): PAGE_STARTED:
    11-07 16:30:25.300: I/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): PAGE_FINISHED:
    11-07 16:30:25.339: I/MainActivity.WebChromeClient(19189): ON_RECEIVED_TITLE: Webseite nicht verf├╝gbar
    11-07 16:30:25.339: V/MainActivity.WebChromeClient(19189): GET_VISITED_HISTORY
    11-07 16:30:25.339: I/GATE(19189): <GATE-M>DEV_ACTION_COMPLETED</GATE-M>
    11-07 16:30:25.339: V/MainActivity.WebChromeClient(19189): ON_PROGRESS_CHANGED: 100
    11-07 16:30:25.339: I/MainActivity.WebViewClient(19189): PAGE_FINISHED:
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