USB Webcam in Android

Is it possible to plug in a USB Webcam to an Android tablet that has
USB host?

I tried and nothing happens. If I plug in a thumbdrive, the contents
can be viewed using File Manager, but nothing happens for USB Webcams,
could be due to lack of drivers?

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  • Has anyone got it to work? How about the drivers?

    Thanks In Advance,

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  • One Solution collect form web for “USB Webcam in Android”

    I’m in a similar position as you and I’m curious if you’ve had any success.

    Have you tried loading a custom ROM/kernel? What tablet are you using?

    Video of multiple webcams working:

    and a direct link to the source page:


    This should theoretically work:
    Compile the kernel with these defined in your device defconfig file


    This will enable V4L at the kernel level. At this point, if you set permission 666 to /dev/video0 in ueventd.tuna.rc. you can access the cameras with JNI, but if you want the camera to be integrated with Android by default, proceed to the next step.

    Then, build Android with this patch applied to allow V4L2 cameras to work as standard android cameras (note, this patch is from eclair from what I can tell, and may not work properly with newer versions):

    Flash the kernel and custom rom.

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