Unable to resolve target 'android-18' error

i am unable to download target android-18 file

i am unable to download target android-18 file

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    In “default.properties` file .

    set target=android-18.

    Check also that you installed this API level and check it in properties window, like:

    enter image description here

    In my case 17 is selected

    Right click on your project select Properties(Alt+Enter),
    goto Android(Project build Target)-> Check Android 4.2.2 or earlier version which you have, click on Apply-> OK, that’s it.

    finally clean your project, Done!!

    1. First open Android SDK Manager and check whehther API18 (Android 4.3) SDK platform is downloaded or not. If not download it by selecting check box then accept license and press install package.
    2. Next close and open eclipse again.
    3. now it will show API18 (Android 4.3) SDK platform in Android SDK Manager as installed.
    4. after that select project -> Properties -> Android -> mark checkbox Android 4.3 in project build target ->apply ->ok.
    5. select project -> project-> clean.

    I thing u r importing Project in eclipse some Android Project Not Find Target sdk So we Add target sdk like Right Click on ProJect GO To Properties GO to Android and Select Taget if Not Install than Download Adt plugin For Eclipse

    The error is well justified, either you dont have correct properties added or you are missing the SDK.

    Please check this link,

    Unable to resolve target 'android-XX'

    Hope it helps

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