To show a static html page in android

I am trying to show an html file in my assets folder but in web view i am seeing white blank page. I got similar example from stackflow only.

 public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    final String mimeType="text/html";
    final String encoding="UTF-8";
    String htmlString="<html><body>";
    Document doc;
    WebView wv= new WebView(this);
    Elements link = null;

        InputStream in=getAssets().open("myweb.html");
        byte[] buffer= new byte[in.available()];;
        wv.loadData(new String(buffer), mimeType, encoding);
    catch(IOException e)
        Log.d("MyWebView", e.toString());

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    you can load the content of the web view using

    // add a webview with id @+id/the_webwiev to your main.xml layout file
    WebView wv = (WebView)findViewById(;

    Uhm, did you try following the WebView example from the official webpage? It’s really simple.

    I followed that and had no trouble implementing a WebView. Your code looks overly complicated for something that is quite simple.

    If your file is called pmi_help.html (and located in the /assets/ folder), you load it using:


    Put your html page in asset > www, then load:


    Anyway, don’t forget this:
    Before this will work, however, your application must have access to the Internet. To get Internet access, request the INTERNET permission in your manifest file. For example:

    <manifest ... >
        <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
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