TDD on Android with Robolectric and Mockito

Do you know any course or book, free or not, that teaches TDD in Android with technologies like Robolectric or Mockito?

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    Thanks for the mention Corey D! Like other Corey said, I have a few things available that teach TDD with Robolectric.

    • CasterIO video series which starts out with integrating the tool and shows you how to test many different things in the Android space. This is the resource that’s being updated most often right now.
    • Android Activity Book covers writing a Calculator app from scratch with TDD.
    • The Intro to Android Katas video series gives step by step instructions for my kata workshop.

    If you’re new to Android development, the Android Theory Book that covers Android fundamentals and Android Studio Basics.

    Chiu-Ki Chan is creating Espresso tutorials on her blog and just released her first video series.

    I have not gone through it myself, but Corey Latislaw has put together a couple eBooks on Android Development and specifically a Robolectric Kata that walks through building a sample application.

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