Taking credit card payments in app

Is there any service or api that will allow me to accept credit card payments within my iphone and android apps?

I can’t find anything using an extensive google search.

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  • 6 Solutions collect form web for “Taking credit card payments in app”

    Paypal works


    CTRL+F “ios”

    About halfway down the page.


    PayPal API for iOS – allowed?

    There are a few options out there, but the cheapest and easiest solution seems to be ZooZ. iOS and Android compatible, ZooZ’s 3 lines of code monetizes your app in minutes. Users can pay with credit cards or PayPal.

    The biggest advantages of ZooZ are that your user always stays within your app and won’t have to re-enter payment details in the future, resulting in faster processing and higher conversion rates.

    Of course you can always build your own credit card processing platform, but considering the challenges of security, merchant accounts, and PCI compliance, it’s probably not worth the headache.

    Full disclosure: I have the privilege of working at ZooZ 🙂

    There is this: https://developer.mastercard.com but the payments API is not quite in production.

    We have an API you can embed into your iOS app that will enable credit card swiping and processing from within your app. We expect to have the same available for Android apps late 1Q 2012. For details visit http://developers.moblized.com.

    BrainTree seems the easiest way to integrate with Mobile app.It consists of complementary client and server SDK.

    And there’s also Square/SquareUp.

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