Storage & Network device drivers source code for Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6

For university research purposes, I am searching for a specific part of Nexus 6, and Samsung Galaxy S6 source code. Particularly, I am interested in “network” & “storage” driver source codes. I have visited developer resources for both Samsung (which are said to be open-sourced), and Motorolla, but was unable to find the desired code.

I also have the pure Android source code on this website, but I guess the drivers for “network” & “storage” might be hardware-specific.

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  • I am having a hard time locating “network” & “storage” drivers for the mentioned two devices. In case the code I am looking for is open-sourced, can anybody please let me know where they are located?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Storage & Network device drivers source code for Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy S6”

    Have a look at the code for drivers(from kernel) of-

    • Samsung Galaxy S6 – Network and Storage.

    • Nexus 6 – Network and Storage

    • Nexus 6P – Network and Storage

    But, as FunkSoulBrother pointed out, each batch of manufacturing and every model variation(Europe, US specific carrier models, International model etc.,) will have different drivers. As chances are internals also change. So, this can be a starting point for your research for sure 🙂 Happy coding!

    Have you checked this site can browse most of the android source code-Not very sure of specific drivers.

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