startService from class that does not extend Activity

I have created a class that extends IntentService, and I would like to start the service from a class that is not an Activity, therefore, I do not have access to a Context object. I could not find an example of this in the documentation or the web. Is it possible ?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “startService from class that does not extend Activity”

    You will need to pass current Activity context to non Activity class for starting service from non-activity class as:

    public class NonActivity {
    public Context context;
    public NonActivity(Context context)
    public void startServicefromNonActivity(){
       Intent intent=new Intent(context,yourIntentService.class);

    and pass current context as:

    public class AppActivity extends Activity {
        NonActivity nonactiityobj;
        public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
                     nonactiityobj=new NonActivity(CuttentActivity.this);
                     //start service here

    Use this code Start and Stop Service

    public class MyService {
    Context context ;
    public MyService(Context cont) {
        this.context = context ;
    public void StartMyService()
        Intent i = new Intent(context,YourService.class);
    public void StopMyService()
        Intent i = new Intent(context,YourService.class);

    This just create object of this class

      MyService mySevice ;
      public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
      myService = new MyService(this);
      //For Startting Service
      //For Stopping Service
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