I have to write a query in sqlite to update the record if it exists or insert it if the record do not already exists. I have looked the syntax of INSERT OR REPLACE INTO from here. But in my case, when I execute the query below many times the record is duplicated. i.e If I execute the query 5 times the record is inserted 5 times.

    ('nabeelarif', 'Muhammad Nabeel','2012-03-04')

Have you any idea what I am doing wrong. I am working on android platform and using ‘Firefox Sqlite Manager’ to test my query.

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    You need to have a unique index on one or a combination of those columns.

    CREATE UNIQUE INDEX idx_something ON NICKS (id_nick, name_nick, date_creation);

    In Android, you should use SQLiteDatabase.replace(), which does insert or update. With the Android SQLite implementation, you normally don’t use raw queries represented as strings. See http://developer.android.com/reference/android/database/sqlite/SQLiteDatabase.html#replace%28java.lang.String,%20java.lang.String,%20android.content.ContentValues%29

    Do you have a primary key or unique index defined for your table? I believe the attributes that make up the primary key or a unique index are used to determine if a row already exists or not.

    I usually use this code for that:

    Cursor cur = mDatabase.rawQuery("select * from NICKS where id_nick='"+id_nick+"');
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