Setting ListView scroll position nicely in Android

I am aware of setSelection(), setSelectionFromTop(), and setSelectionAfterHeaderView(), but none of them seems to do what I want.

Given an item in the list, I want to scroll so that it is in view. If the item is above the visible window of the list, I want to scroll until the item is the first visible item in the list; if the item is below the visible window, I want it to scroll up until it is the last visible item in the list. If the item is already visible, I don’t want any scrolling to occur.

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    It occurs because listView isn’t created yet. Try to post runnable such as:

    getListView().postDelayed(new Runnable() {          
        public void run() {

    I think, I was looking for the same, then I found the following solution:

    if (listview.getFirstVisiblePosition() > pos 
        || listview.getLastVisiblePosition() <= pos) {

    API 8 is required to use smoothScrollToPosition (which is a reasonable minimum anyways) so you are aware.

    Sergey’s answer works, but I believe that the right way of doing this is setting up an observer to be notified when the ListView has been created.

         new ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener() {
     public void onGlobalLayout() {

    A better solution to Sergey’s answer is to call setSelection() later in the Activity/Fragment life cycle, perhaps in onStart(). That way, you have a guarantee that the View is ready rather than using some arbitrary delay.

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