SearchView expand/collapse animation in Android

What I Have

I have a SearchView which does its work perfectly. But when I touch on it, it appears and disappears out of nothing. There is no transition animation playing on it and so it doesn’t look good.

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  • What I Want

    I want a simple slide left and slide right animation to be played on the SearchView when it is expanded and collapsed respectively.

    What I Tried

    SearchView searchView = (SearchView) menu.findItem(;
    //Get the ID for the search bar LinearLayout
    int searchBarId = searchView.getContext().getResources().getIdentifier("android:id/search_bar", null, null);
    //Get the search bar Linearlayout
    LinearLayout searchBar = (LinearLayout) searchView.findViewById(searchBarId);
    //Give the Linearlayout a transition animation.
    searchBar.setLayoutTransition(new LayoutTransition());

    but the searchBar is always null so I can’t set the layout transition on it.

    Can I get a solution for it? Is my approach correct?

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  • 3 Solutions collect form web for “SearchView expand/collapse animation in Android”

    You can actually just grab the LinearLayout by doing the following:

    LinearLayout searchBar = (LinearLayout) searchView.findViewById(;


    SearchView searchView = (SearchView) menu.findItem(;
    final int searchBarId = searchView.getContext().getResources().getIdentifier("android:id/search_bar", null, null);
    LinearLayout searchBar = (LinearLayout) searchView.findViewById(searchBarId);
    searchBar.setLayoutTransition(new LayoutTransition());

    After reading the @Steven answer I got the solution given below

    inside the onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) method write the code

        getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
        final MenuItem searchItem = menu.findItem(;
        SearchView searchView = (SearchView) searchItem.getActionView();
        LinearLayout searchBar = (LinearLayout) searchView.findViewById(;
        searchBar.setLayoutTransition(new LayoutTransition());

    and here is my meet_people_menu.xml

    <menu xmlns:android=""
    View searchBar = searchView.findViewById(;
    if (searchBar != null && searchBar instanceof LinearLayout) {
         ((LinearLayout) searchBar).setLayoutTransition(new LayoutTransition());
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