Resetting Autoincrement in Android SQLite

I have this method which will remove all rows from a table but i also want it to reset the autoincrement so that when a new row is added it will start again. The SQL statement i’m using isnt working due to certain columns not existing. Am i doing it right?

private void rmvall() {

    SQLiteDatabase db = appts.getWritableDatabase();
    db.delete(TABLE_NAME, null, null);


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    you’ll need single quotes around your table name, i.e.


    Building on dldnh’s answer:

    The following query will set seq to the largest value in the col identity column in the Tbl table, so there is no risk of violating constraints.

    UPDATE sqlite_sequence SET seq = (SELECT MAX(col) FROM Tbl) WHERE name="Tbl"

    I was trying too hard.

    Finally, I got this answer code…

    book=new Book(user, pass);

    this code work like delete and recreating the table.and reset id.

    good luck

    you can also use delete() method of SQLiteDatabase, like this

    db.delete("SQLITE_SEQUENCE","NAME = ?",new String[]{TABLE_NAME});
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