Referencing an XML string in an XML Array (Android)

in arrays.xml

<string-array name="my_items">
  <item>My item 1</item>
  <item>My item 2</item>
  <item>My item 3</item>

in strings.xml

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  • <resources>
      <string name="item1">My item 1</string>
      <string name="item2">My item 2</string>
      <string name="item3">My item 3</string>

    I would like to reference the string in the array “My item 1” from strings.xml. How do I do that?

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    oh yeah, that is what I meant. This is how I did it.

    <string-array name="my_items">

    It resolved correctly in Android 1.6

    You can’t. It might be possible to do the reverse: have @string/item1 in the <string-array>.

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