RecyclerView inside ScrollView, some items are not shown

I had a RecyclerView in ScrollView like this:


    <!--other stuff-->




    <!--other stuff-->


And the RecyclerView‘s item is a RelativeLayout, inside of which there is an EditText and other views. The layout_height of that RelativeLayout and EditText is both wrap_content. User can input into that EditText without any limit of length/lines so that each item’s height is different.

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  • Then I found that getItemCount() in Adapter returns true value but onBindViewHolder() is called of wrong times(less than it should be), thus not enough to show all items.

    I found that this will happen only if I wrote recyclerView.setNestedScrollingEnabled(false). But I cannot remove this line. Because if I did so, the RecyclerView won’t scroll smoothly and is not harmonious with other views inside ScrollView and ScrollView itself.

    This occurs on 6.0 but not on 4.1.

    I communicated with Google at this page: and he told me this is a bug fix for RecyclerView. You can visit that page so that you can understand the question and my goal better(There is a small sample project to show the problem there). I don’t agree with him even now and I want to solve the problem. Please help, thank you in advance.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “RecyclerView inside ScrollView, some items are not shown”

    I found the solution myself: replace ScrollView with NestedScrollView and keep recyclerView.setNestedScrollingEnabled(false). I don’t know if this is what NestedScrollView is made for but it works.


    1. NestedScrollView is not a child of ScrollView but of FrameLayout.
    2. This solution will also bring some bugs with self-simulated adjustResize.
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