Preload fragment's view in ViewPager on first run

I’m using ViewPager that holds 3 fragments, each fragment loads a list. The problem is when the application runs for the first time and I swipe to the next fragment, this fragment needs sometime to load (about 2 seconds) before its view is visible. This is a very weird behavior. All I want is once the app has started, all fragments in ViewPager should be ready for user so when they swipe through fragments, there’s no wait time. How can I do that?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Preload fragment's view in ViewPager on first run”

    Just call setOffscreenPageLimit() in onCreate() (after initializing ViewPager). The OffscreenPageLimit sets the number of pages that should be retained to either side of the current page (in your case 2). With this all of your fragments will be instantiate.

    (An other (highly recommended) possibility is to increase the performance of your lists or listadapters, because a loading time of 2 seconds doesn’t sound good)

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