Why is the intel x86 emulator accelerator (HAXM installer) is showing not compatible with windows?

Why is the intel x86 emulator accelerator (HAXM installer) is showing not compatible with windows. I have windows 10 ,64 bit.

Breakpoints not getting hit in Android Studio

I’m using Windows 7 and have recently switched from Eclipse to Android Studio. I am now having trouble debugging. Running Android Studio 0.8.6, I set up a completely default install, I create a default empty project, targeting the ICS SDK, using the new project wizard. I then put a breakpoint in onCreate, click on the […]

difference between layout-finger and layout directory

In android, there are different sub-directory under ‘res’ * layout * layout-finger * layout-land-finger Can you please explain what are the difference between these directories? Thank you.

Adding animation to a List View in Android

I want to animate the items of the list view. At Present i am applying the Transition Animation on the list items whenever new items are added. But this is not the animation i want to achieve. I want that when a new item is added in the list view at that time the whole […]

jQuery Mobile not running secondary javascript

I am building a mobile version of an existing site, and I’m looking for an explanation to a problem I’m having (as a jQuery Mobile noob). This page has a jquery reflection effect on the first image: http://m.fijitourism.com/accommodation/coral-coast/bedarra-beach-inn/ (it does this by applying the effect to any image with a class of ‘reflect’). If you […]

TransactionTooLargeEception when trying to get a list of applications installed

As part of my app I get a list of apps installed on the device by using ApplicationPackageManager.getInstalledApplications but for some users I get crash reports saying that TransactionTooLargeException at android.osBinderProxy.tranasact(Native Method) Can anyone think why I’d get this?

How to catch that map panning and zoom are really finished?

I am trying to write an application that will dynamically load data to map while user pans or zooms it. I need to track when the map is finished to change its view state (stops panning or zooming) and then load a new portion of data for creating markers. But in fact Google Maps API […]

Parcel.readException passing an object to remote service

I wrote a remote service that the clients can log on with the usual mechanisms of IPC provided by Android and the binding seems to work. The problem arises when I go to call a method in which I have to pass an object as a parameter because I get this “curious” exception: 10-19 15:09:04.601: […]

How to use Fragments in Android

EDIT ::: Please refer to my answer below… Question::: I am very new to using Fragments in Android and I am completely messed up. I am just trying to build a simple sample application that uses Fragments. My scenario is, I have two fragments in my main activity. The first fragment has an edittext and […]

Android SD Card Write Permission using SAF (Storage Access Framework)

After a lot of findings about how to write(and rename) a file in SD Card (android 5 and above), I think the new SAF provided by android will be required to take permission from user to write SD card file. I have seen in this File Manger Application ES File Explorer that initially it takes […]

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