How to load the same screen preference in the detail PreferenceFragment

I am trying to do something like the settings preferences in android for tablet. When I click the “More” the the “Wireless & Networks” preferences screen is displayed on the right fragment, than if I touch the “VPN” , in the same fragment the “VPN” preferences screen is opened. How can I do that ? […]

How can I create a custom dialog with two datepicker?

I just started to learn Android as a hobby and I would like to create a dialog with two datepicker final Dialog dialog = new Dialog(this); dialog.setContentView(R.layout.data_picker_dialog); dialog.setTitle(R.string.date_period_picker);; return true; How can I get the selected values from the dialog? Is there a possibility to include the OK/Cancel button automatically on the dialog? Is […]

how to add logo in google consent screen?

I have created project in google developers console and now I want to set my logo in consent screen. I have logo on my computer and logo field on consent screen require URL, is there any way to set logo on my computer in consent screen? I have also tried uploading image on google drive […]

Gradle release build still debuggable?

According to the Gradle docs, the default value for “debuggable” a “release” buildType is false. However, whether I explicitly set it to false or not, my release build always seems to be debuggable (I can see logcat output). Am I misinterpreting this property? Can someone please explain? Here’s my build.gradle: buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() […]

Shortcut for Overriding methods in Android Studio

I have recently migrated to Android Studio and I am pretty used to the Source -> Override/Implement feature in Eclipse. I was wondering where I could find the same feature on Android Studio. I’ve tried “Alt-Insert”/Generate-Override methods but I don’t find the OnPause() method to override in the list. How do I get the methods […]

Creation of AsyncTask taking too much time Android

I am making a network call in an AsyncTask, but the problem i am facing is the amount of time it is taking to start the doInBackground method. Here is a part of my code: button.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { Log.d(“Temp:”,System.currentTimeMillis()+””); new Move().execute(); /*some other logic } } And my AsyncTask […]

How can I know keyboard language? (en/fr)

I develop an sms sender app and I wanna know language that user uses. so, when user types a message how can I know language that he/she uses?

existence of parameter (View view)

I’m trying to create an app for Android, and I follow this tutorial there is a part /** Called when the user clicks the Send button */ public void sendMessage(View view) { // Do something in response to button } then I followed this tutorial and everything worked, untill I remove parameter View view […]

Get Public tweets Twitter API 1.1

I am first time on Twitter API’s I was going through I need to get the public tweets from The api 1.1 link says- Authentication – Required And I found something like – AuthTool I couldn’t connect all these things, as there is no beginner tutorial available. My Basic doubts – Does Authentication […]

Make Transparent background of android icons in eclipse

How to make android icons with transparent background using eclipse.I know that we can make icons by eclipse->new->other->android icon set but how to make them with transparent background?Any help please.

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