ionic app splash screen are not shown

I have been trying over and over to add a splashscreen to my Ionic App with this configuration the icons does work but the splashscreen aren’t working. It’s displaying a blank screen, not even the cordova default splashscreen. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″ standalone=”yes”?> <widget id=”com.ionicframework.toggle423609″ version=”0.0.1″ xmlns=”” xmlns:cdv=”″> <name>Toggle</name> <description> An Ionic Framework and Cordova project. […]

How does Android Studio validate XML for the preferences screen?

I have this in my XML file for my preferences screen, based on other SO answers: <PreferenceScreen android:title=”@string/preference_title” android:summary=”@string/preference_summary”> <intent android:action=”android.intent.action.VIEW” android:data=”mailto:”> <extra android:name=”android.intent.extra.SUBJECT” android:value=”@string/email_subject”/> <extra android:name=”android.intent.extra.TEXT” android:value=”@string/email_body”/> </intent> </PreferenceScreen> Android Studio is flagging the “extra” elements as “not allowed here.” I don’t really understand how it is validating the XML at all because there […]

How to get the current time in android

I want to get the current time in Android. It should be displayed like 2:30pm and I want to store it in a database. I searched a lot. But I don’t know how to do it. How can I achieve this?

Show soft keyboard on search actionbar activation with SearchView

I see this question sets focus on the SearchView EditText when I activate a search from the ActionBar. However the keyboard does not come up when it gains focus. Shouldn’t it, as it is just a normal EditText? (Is it a normal EditText?) This behaviour is seen on Android SDK level 11. (Samsung Galax Tab […]

Is it possible to remove remembered Wifi Direct groups from Android programatically?

We’ve noticed that when a Wifi Direct group is remembered by a device that it sometimes causes problems when the devices are reconnected later. Deleting the remembered groups seems to solve this problem. It would be nice if we could do this within the application, is this possible? Simply calling WifiP2pManager.removeGroup() does not stop the […]

How do I set multiple input types in an EditText on Android?

I am trying to create an EditText with auto-capitalization and auto-correction implemented. I have manually figured out how to add InputFilters to allow auto-capitalization, though this only works after the first letter is typed, and I have had no luck with auto correction (I tried to create an InputFilter that used AutoText, but I’m not […]

“Connection with adb was interrupted.” Have tried EVERYTHING

Connection with adb was interrupted. 0 attempts have been made to reconnect. You may want to manually restart adb from the Devices view. I keep getting this error message EVERY TIME I try to run my code which worked fine on a pre-format installation. Now that I’m on a fresh set-up, I get this every […]

Shadow beneath Actionbar-compat while using paddings

I’m working on an Android application which uses the compatibility package from Google for getting fragments and such in Android 2.x. The actionbar has been created based on Google’s example. A white “shadow” has been put beneath it using <item name=”android:windowContentOverlay”>@drawable/actionbar_shadow</item> However the object below the actionbar (a fragment) contains a ListView with the following […]

Android Intent.ACTION_CALL, Uri

I am trying to use the Intent.Action class. I know how to use the ACTION_VIEW to display a URL but I wanted to use the Intent.ACTION_DIAL to call number when the application is launched. The documentation says you need to parse a URI into a string and then add it to the Intent I tried […]

Why material designed app is slower than legacy holo designed app

My legacy holo app used to start up very fast. Recently, I spend 1 year part-time, to port the holo app, to material designed app. Here’s some significant changes which I had done. From API 21 to API 23 From ActionBarSherlock to AppCompat Toolbar support library From support library v4:22.1.1 to v4:23.2.1 Final compiled APK […]

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