onBackPressed to kill a handler within an activity – Android

As you can see, I have this PlayLesson_01 activity which displays images and audio at the same time. This activity has two handlers, one to control images and audio, while the other one will finish the lesson and goes back to previous activity (Lessons Menu). Goal: Click on hard Back button to go back to […]

R file is missing android

i was using Eclipse Helios but due to performance issues i changed to Eclipse Galileo and installed the ADT plugging, and added my sdk folder to Elcipse Preferences. Now R.java disappeared from all of my projects. How can i fix this, i did Project/Clean but that won’t generate the files, there’s nothing wrong in my […]

Test if soft keyboard is visible using espresso

I want to test keyboard visibility when an activity calls onCreate() and onResume(). How can i test whether or not the keyboard is shown using espresso?

How can I resize a picture before displaying it in a view with Android Universal Image Loader?

I successfully applied the Universal Image Loader library (1.8.3 version) to my app, and I’m trying to resize the image before displaying it in the gridview item (because sometime image is too big to cache it in memory.) Here is what I am trying: … BitmapFactory.Options resizeOptions = new BitmapFactory.Options(); resizeOptions.inSampleSize = 3; // decrease […]

Android Geofencing

I’ve gone through the tutorial for Geofencing and I have question in mind. Does geofencing require you to continuously monitor the user’s location ? Or will the LocationClient to which you add the Geofence automatically trigger when a transition has orccured ? This might seem like an obvious question, but the tutorial never mentioned anything […]

SyncAdapter not getting called on “Network tickle”

Overview I follwed Google’s tutorial on using SyncAdapter without using ContentProvider, Authenticator..etc. It works perfectly when I call onPerformSync(…) when I need to do an “upload” to the server via de SyncAdapter. Now, as you can imagine, I need to do downloads from the server as well (yes I understand that it would be better […]

Battery use, what to expect?

I’m making a 2D game for Android, and I’ve recently been looking at optimization. I looked at the battery-use in Settings and found that after leaving my game in the foreground (with the screen on) for a little over an hour, I had drained 11% of the battery (Motorola Xoom Honeycomb). Is this something that […]

How to Display current time that changes dynamically for every second in android

I need to display the current time in a textview and the time changes dynamically for every second (Like the digital clock) in android.. I have googled but i didnt get the help.If Anyone have the idea for this, please help me Thanks in advance.

Finding Sampling Rate Of Touch Screen In Android

Is there a way to find out sampling rate of the touch screen in an Android device ? I tried this stackoverflow post but did not help my exact requirement Adjust touch input sample rate on Android.

Viewpager not wrapping content after loading images from internet

I have a viewpager that holds images loaded by Nostra’s Universal Image Loader. This viewpager is also part of a listview as a header. Setting the height to wrap_content doesn’t work and it shows nothing but if I set it to a specific dip, it works. My suspect is that, the viewpager gets to wrap […]

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