How to delete an SMS from the inbox in Android programmatically?

On Android phones SMS messages registered to applications also get sent to the device’s inbox. However to prevent clutter, it’d be nice to be able to remove application specific SMS messages from the inbox to reduce the potential overflow of those messages. Questions on other Google groups on getting a definitive answer on a programmatic […]

How to shrink code – 65k method limit in dex

I have a rather large Android app that relies on many library projects. The Android compiler has a limitation of 65536 methods per .dex file and I am surpassing that number. There are basically two paths you can choose (at least that I know of) when you hit the method limit. 1) Shrink your code […]

Restoring state of TextView after screen rotation?

In my app I have TextView and EditText. Both have data in it. When the screen orientation changes the data in the EditText remains, but TextView data is cleared. Can some one help me out to find a way to retain data in TextView too?

Can I scroll a ScrollView programmatically in Android?

Is there any way to scroll a ScrollView programmatically to a certain position? I have created dynamic TableLayout which is placed in a ScrollView. So I want that on a specific action (like clicking a Button, etc.) the particular row should scroll automatically to a top position. Is it possible?

Populating a ListView using an ArrayList?

My Android app needs to populate the ListView using the data from an ArrayList. I have trouble doing this. Can someone please help me with the code?

How do I serialize an object and save it to a file in Android?

Say I have some simple class and once it’s instantiated as an object I want to be able to serialize its contents to a file, and retrieve it by loading that file at some later time… I’m not sure where to start here, what do I need to do to serialize this object to a […]

Android : Check whether the phone is dual SIM

After a lot of research on forums, now I know that there is no way to find IMSI or SIM serial number for both the SIM cards in a dual SIM phone (except for contacting the manufacturer). Now my changed question is, can we at all detect that the phone has two SIMs? I believe […]

Using Phonegap for Native Application development

I recently came across Phonegap. Have anyone of you tried it. Its an incredible tool which claims that developers can use HTML 5 based framework like Sencha touch and Jquery at the same time having access to native features on phone. Also the code is portable from Android to Iphone with some effort. Before I […]

java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'int android.view.View.getImportantForAccessibility()' on a null object reference

I’m trying to put together a shopping list app , based on input fields , ArrayList , and ListView . The app will be based on Fragments . However, I have encountered a problem and I do not know how to solve it. I looked around on both Google and StackOverflow have found some information […]

Eclipse JUNO doesn't start

When I launch Eclipse, it does not start. An error appears and tells me to see the log file. “See the log file: /Users/max/work/projects/.metadata/.log” OS: MacOS 10.7.4 Eclipse: 4.2 Juno ADT: 20 My old version of Eclipse starts without issue. !SESSION 2012-07-03 16:22:48.261 ———————————————– eclipse.buildId=I20120608-1400 java.version=1.6.0_33 java.vendor=Apple Inc. BootLoader constants: OS=macosx, ARCH=x86_64, WS=cocoa, NL=ru_RU Framework […]

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