The constructor ArrayAdapter<string> is undefined

I have a method, initializeViews, which encounters an ArrayAdapter constructor undefined error in its last line. The method is located in F1Fragment, which extends MainFragment. MainFragment is then attached to an Activity. Can we not give the context of a Fragment in the ArrayAdapter<string> constructor? I am new to Android. Please correct me. Thanks in […]

How to dynamically highlight the SIDE of a road (or draw a line next to) with google maps or mapquest on Android

I’m trying to highlight the odd or even side of the street (for at least the block) the user is on (or all streets, if that is simpler.) I can find the odd or even side, I’ve figured that out, but drawing a line parallel to the road is proving problematic. I devised a method […]

Get Contact Photo based on Contact PhoneNumber Android – Working Example

Android 2.3.3 I have looked at various examples on how to get “Photo of a Contact”. But none of them worked for me. Surprisingly, I have stumbled upon a code at StackOVerFlow and I used it and could get the “Photo” and display it in ImageView in my ListView. Scenario of my application ::: I […]

Integrate Visual Studio online Git Repository to Android Studio 1.0.2

I am using Visual Studio online for my development process. And I want to integrate my Android Studio 1.0.2 codes in it. However, as I know Android Studio has no TFS Plugin. That’s why, I want to use Git for source control. How can I integrate Visual Studio Online Git repository to Android Studio 1.0.2. […]

Parse Android Volley JSONArray response

I’m sending a JSONArray GET request with Volley, and it’s returning the specified JSON array. Here’s my Request: JsonArrayRequest getRequest = new JsonArrayRequest(url, new Response.Listener<JSONArray>() { @Override public void onResponse(JSONArray response) { Log.d(“Response”, response.toString()); } }, new Response.ErrorListener() { @Override public void onErrorResponse(VolleyError error) { Log.d(“Error.Response”, error.toString()); } } ); VolleySingleton.getInstance(this).addToRequestQueue(getRequest); //Call to get dashboard […]

Async/await not reacting as expected

Using the code below I expect the string “Finished” to appear before “Ready” on the console. Could anybody explain to me, why await will not wait for finishing the task in this sample? static void Main(string[] args) { TestAsync(); Console.WriteLine(“Ready!”); Console.ReadKey(); } private async static void TestAsync() { await DoSomething(); Console.WriteLine(“Finished”); } private static Task […]

Twitter:send direct message using scribe

Here is my code to send send direct message using scribe. But it gives me null response. What am I doing wrong? OAuthRequest req; OAuthService s; s = new ServiceBuilder() .provider(TwitterApi.class) .apiKey(APIKEY) .apiSecret(APISECRET) .callback(CALLBACK) .build(); req = new OAuthRequest(Verb.POST, “”+user_id+”&text=my app test”); s.signRequest(MyTwitteraccesToken, req); Response response = req.send(); if (response.getBody() != null) { String t=response.getBody(); […]

onListItemClick is not working for listview?

Hi onListItemClick for listview is not working. Here i am fetching datas from SQLite using AsyncTask and displaying it in a list view. And i wants to do some actions when a list in a listview has clicked. But the click is not happening. I had tried a lot for this. Please help me. Here […]

How to use or workaround searchManager.getSearchableInfo() on Android API 7?

I can’t find anywhere how to use the support v7 appcompat library with searchManager.getSearchableInfo(). @Override public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) { // Inflate the menu; this adds items to the action bar if it is present. getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu); MenuItem menuItem = (MenuItem) menu.findItem(; SearchView searchView = (SearchView) MenuItemCompat.getActionView(menuItem); searchView.setSubmitButtonEnabled(true); SearchManager searchManager = (SearchManager) getSystemService(Context.SEARCH_SERVICE); searchView.setSearchableInfo( searchManager.getSearchableInfo(getComponentName())); […]

BlueCove, Laptop, and an Android tablet with Bluetooth

I’m trying to get the basics of using Bluetooth through a simple application. I’d also like a laptop application so I can debug Bluetooth comms simply. The code below is my attempt with the laptop being the client (using BlueCove 2.1.0) and the tablet being the server (Android 2.2). From what I understand, this should […]

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