ActiveAndroid abstract class table

Does anyone know if it is possible to create a table for an abstract class in ActiveAndroid. For example i could have an abstract class Animal with two concrete classes Dog and Cat. I want to be able to do something like: List<Animal> animals = new Select().from(Animals.class).execute(); which would result in ‘animals’ containing all of […]

Nothing to Show in Android Project View

When I open up the Android Project View n Android Studio, it says “Nothing to show”. It seems that my projects modules are missing as well. When I try to run the app I get error message: Error running app: Module is not found I also get the following error: Unlinked Gradle project? Import Gradle […]

Android : Floating Clickable Icon over Screen?

There’s an Android Application called Smart Taskbar that manages to Pin a small SemiTransparent Icon over the screen…The icon remains visible over ALL the activites (including the home screen). The Icon is Clickable (/Touchable), and it does popopen a Small Popup window which the user can interact with. I’m very interested in how this is […]

Android – Which one to use Active Android or Realm

I have been using ActiveAndroid for a while and i recently heard about Realm being another good option. I was thinking about changing my app to use Realm but before doing that,i was looking if someone has done the performance comparison between these two. I found some comparison on realm‘s website but those were with […]

RxJava + Retrofit – make multiple calls

I have a solid grasp of Retrofit when using sync and async calls. However, I encountered a small problem when creating some complex task, which I have to: Make a request in order to get List of ID’s(about 20-30 ID’s) After fetching ID’s list, I would like to make async calls in order to get […]

Eclipse – break on user code when unhandled exception is raised on Android App

My problem is simple : I use Ecplise (Luna or Neon) to develop on Android and I don’t want to use Android Studio I wish to debug breaks on ALL unhandled exceptions only on the last user code call of the stack that cause the exception (So, for example, I don’t want to break in […]

How to open Gmail Compose when a button is clicked in Android App?

I am trying to open up Gmail Compose screen when a button is clicked in my Android App. Do I need some API key for this from Google? or what do I need to do in my button onClickListener? Any kind of insight is much appreciated.

What's the difference between Key store password and Key password in Android Sign Certification?

I’m working on Android Stuido to generate a signed certification, but from the New Key Store option, I need to create two passwords for this certification. Do you know where the difference between them is?

How to install/update/remove APK using “PackageInstaller” class in Android L?

Plz check below classe & give me the suggestion for how to use them So please give me an example to install/update/remove app. Can it be possible that the new application will install in device profile owner?

Check if Volley gets results from cache or over network

How can I check whether Volley gets the results of a JsonObjectRequest from the cache or from the network? I need to show a progress dialog when it needs a network connection but not when the results are quickly received from the cache. my request looks something like this volleyQueue = Volley.newRequestQueue(this); JsonObjectRequest jr = […]

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