How to animate RecyclerView items when they appear

How can I animate the RecyclerViews when there are appearing? The default item animator only animates when a data is added or removed after the recycler data has been set. I’m new developing applications, and don’t have any clue where to start. Any ideas how to achieve this?

Android DialogFragment vs Dialog

Google recommends that we use DialogFragment instead of a simple Dialog by using Fragments API, but it is absurd to use an isolated DialogFragment for a simple Yes-No confirmation message box. What is the best practice in this case?

How do I export a project in the Android studio?

How do I export project in the Android Studio? I mean, like I used to do in Eclipse by File|Export..

Android: Preventing going back to the previous activity

I want to do this on Android: basically when BACK button is pressed on the phone, I want to prevent a specific activity to return to its previous one. Specifically, I have login and sign up screens, both start a new activity called HomeScreen when successful login/signup occurs. Once HomeScreen is started, I want to […]

ADB not recognising Nexus 4 under Windows 7

I’m running on Windows 7, and I’ve updated all the drivers as it says on the Android developer website regarding using hardware devices. However, Eclipse is still not recognising my Nexus 4 when I try to run the application. The Android device chooser pops up, but it doesn’t show anything on the hardware section. I’ve […]

ADB No Devices Found

I am attempting to install an Android app on my brand new Nexus 10. I have a .apk file. I have downloaded the Android SDK, installed “Android SDK Tools”, “Android SDK Platform-tools”, and Google USB Driver. I have checked the setting on my Nexus 10 for “Unknown Sources”. When I run “adb devices” from the […]

Android list view inside a scroll view

I have an android layout which has a scrollView with a number of elements with in it. At the bottom of the scrollView I have a listView which is then populated by an adapter. The problem that I am experiencing, is that android is excluding the listView from the scrollView as the scrollView already has […]

How to take emulator screenshots using Eclipse?

I need to take screenshots of an android application running on an emulator in Eclipse Galileo. Is there a built-in feature for this or do I have to download a plugin of some sorts?

GCM with PHP (Google Cloud Messaging)

How can I integrate the new Google Cloud Messaging in a PHP backend?

Download the Android SDK components for offline install

Is it possible to download the Android SDK components for offline install without using the SDK Manager? The problem is I am behind a firewall which I have no control over and both sites download URLs seem to be blocked (throws a connection refused exception) Failed to fetch URL, reason: Connection refused: […]

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