Call transfer from one device to another through Bluetooth

Hello I am new on Android .I am working on an application where i need to transfer call from one device to another through Bluetooth protocol..(ie i want the way like device transfer the call to hands-free)….

Why is redirecting stdout/stderr on android not working?

I downloaded SDL 1.3 and tested it together with OpenGL ES on my android 2.2 device. It works fine but I don’t get the outputs from the printf calls. I tried the commands below as mentioned at the android developer page but neither DDMS in Eclipse nor adb logcat reports the strings that the program […]

How can I make Android Volley perform HTTPS request, using a certificate self-signed by an Unkown CA?

Before making the question, I found some links, which I checked, one by one, and none of them, gives me a solution: well-kown CA HTTPS request using volley accept all SSL certificates No peer certificate Exception – Volley and Android with self signed certificate Node.js ( + SSL + self-signed CA certificate gives error […]

How to distinguish android application running under managed profile and regular profile?

Android 5.0 (API level 21) allows enterprises to set up managed profiles. If a device has a managed profile, the profile’s settings are under the control of the enterprise administrator. The administrator can choose which apps are allowed for that profile, and can control just what device features are available to the profile. Suppose we […]

Get drawable for density for API Level <15

Since Android API Level 15 there is the method public Drawable getDrawableForDensity (int id, int density) to retrieve a drawable object for a specific screen density. Is there any way to do this prior to API Level 15?

Samsung Plasma vs Android in-app billing

What is the difference between the Androidn In-App Billing and Samsung In-App Billing Plasma library. What I understood until now, that the later uses Operator billing instead of Credit Card billing, is there anything else? Can I submit an application that uses the normal Android In-App Billing to the Samsung apps store, or I […]

Targeting the most appropriate API

Currently, I tend to target all my app development to API 8, so that I can hit the largest number of devices ‘out there’, basically from Android 2.2 upwards. Do any experienced Android developers reading this have a perspective on what features, as a developer am I ‘missing out’ on, and more importantly, what are […]

Is there a way to display notification badge on Google's official BottomNavigationView menu items introduced in API 25?

I have been trying BottomNavigationView released in API 25. I want to display a notification badge (say a small blue circle with or without a count in it) on one of the menu items in bottom navigation bar. I have a selector drawable where I have added checked true and checked false states with greyed […]

SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18 on openDatabase

I have a web-based Android app that uses WebSQL for storage. For some reason, calling openDatabase at one point (in response to a button click), causes a DOMException with the message “SECURITY_ERR: DOM Exception 18”. Note that I am not using PhoneGap. The main question I’m asking here is: What are the possible causes for […]

boot complete broadcast processed serially in KITKAT 4.4.2 <ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED><>

There seems to be a very important change in the way ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED broadcast is sent out in the latest android release. In JB 4.3, the boot complete broadcast was processed in parallel. Where as in KK 4.4.2 its being processed serially. This is delaying the start of services after boot up. KITKAT 4.4.2 JELLY BEAN […]

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