Update spinner items based on the selected item of another spinner

I am trying to update a spinner by a selected item from another spinner. The following code block describes how I did it. I could successfully update the spinner3 using the if statement inside onItemSelected() method. But my problem is that it seems that a loop just keeps running which automatically selects value “5” from […]

IR transmit ConsumerIrManager class after Android 4.4 not working

I built an Android app sometime back to control my Air conditioner, It used to work fine in Android 4.1 (I was using an HTC M8 phone), now after the upgrade to 5.0 lollipop it stopped working I am attaching a sample snippet. There are no debug errors it says IR was transmitted. –Air Conditioner […]

Using plugins with Cordova CLI

I’m using Cordova CLI (v6.0.0) to make an app for Android and I can’t load the plugins: cordova-plugin-file and cordova-plugin-dialogs. I know it because the next alerts are shown: if (!navigator.notification) alert(“Plugin notification not working properly!”); if (!window.requestFileSystem) alert(“Plugin file not working properly!”); Plugins are used after clicking a button (not before ondeviceready event). Plugins […]

Android RecyclerView which is in a Fragment which is in a ViewPager does not reload/refresh views if setOffscreenPageLimit is reached

I have a RecyclerView in a Fragment which again is in a ViewPager, when I swipe between ViewPager pages, I see that onDetach of Fragment is being called but for some reason RecyclerView is still present in that particular position for the Fragment in ViewPager, even the scroll position of RecyclerView is being preserved when […]

Download video along with playing

I want to implement online video playing functionality along with downloading it. I mean same download stream should be used to download and play so that video can be saved for offline use and prevent two times data cost for playing and downloading separately. So far i have implemented video downloading with asyncTask and play […]

Native function no implementation found

Problem: 20% of users are receiving: Fatal Exception: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError No implementation found for java.lang.String com.example.utils.API.getHashString(android.content.Context) (tried Java_com_example_utils_API_getHashString and Java_com_example_utils_API_getHashString__Landroid_content_Context_2) For other 80% app working perfectly, no exception on my test devices as well. Can’t figure out what’s the problem. EDIT1: Library loads perfectly on splash screen. No exception on that point. static { System.loadLibrary(“my-lib”); } […]

Some Queries on C2DM in Android

I am currently working on one android application which has C2DM implementation and I successfully implemented it. But Now I have problem in sending message to multiple devices. As per my understanding following will be process for it: Save reg id & authcode in database (Suppose in c2dm table) Send message with a loop to […]

How to import Android Studio Project from Git

I have and android studio project that I have checked into git. My git ignore file looks like: # built application files *.apk *.ap_ # files for the dex VM *.dex # Java class files *.class # generated files bin/ gen/ # Local configuration file (sdk path, etc) local.properties # Eclipse project files .classpath .project […]

Call transfer from one device to another through Bluetooth

Hello I am new on Android .I am working on an application where i need to transfer call from one device to another through Bluetooth protocol..(ie i want the way like device transfer the call to hands-free)….

Why is redirecting stdout/stderr on android not working?

I downloaded SDL 1.3 and tested it together with OpenGL ES on my android 2.2 device. It works fine but I don’t get the outputs from the printf calls. I tried the commands below as mentioned at the android developer page but neither DDMS in Eclipse nor adb logcat reports the strings that the program […]

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