Xamarin : No resource found that matches the given names (AppCompat)

I deployed a virtual machine on Azure. I’ve installed Visual Studio 2015, Xamarin and other mobile development tools. I did the same setup on my local computer to test my apps on my devices from Visual Studio The only difference is the installation of the Android SDK. On my local machine, I have no image […]

ImageSpan on EditText (smileys). With SwiftKey Keyboard doesnt work

I am doing a simple chat application and i want to show smileys on edittext while writing the message. I have this to identify wich characters will be subsituted by an Image throught an ImageSpan (this is called only when an smileys character is inserted on EditText): for (index = start; index < start+num_chars; index++) […]

Accessing <declare-styleable> resources programatically

I’ve one question where I couldn’t find any help: Is it possible, to receive the resource-ids being kept by a as an int[] programatically without refering to the resource-class R ? <declare-styleable name=”com_facebook_login_view”> <attr name=”confirm_logout” format=”boolean”/> <attr name=”fetch_user_info” format=”boolean”/> <attr name=”login_text” format=”string”/> <attr name=”logout_text” format=”string”/> </declare-styleable> The problem is that I cannot resolve the ID […]

Android ActionBar tab style for Honeycomb

I am using the HoneycombGallery sample app in the SDK and attempting to change the style of the ActionBar tabs (i.e., “Balloons”, “Bikes”, “Androids”, “Pastries”). Using the “light” theme, the tabs have a blue underline. I simply want to make this red to match the style of an application I’m working on. I’ve tried researching […]

android takePersistableUriPermission doesn't compile

I’m using KITKAT content provider in my application. After getting the uri of a selected picture I store it in a database to use it again later. The problem is that after restarting the phone I got a permission exception while using the stored uri. After searching I tried to use takePersistableUriPermission() But for some […]

Search View not respond when click in AppCompat Toolbar

I write code like this, but it doesnt work. I just inflate menu in java, nothing else. I’m using toolbar(v7) instead of actionBar. Any problem in here?? (No Clicked effect- too.) <item android:id=”@+id/action_search” android:title=”Search” android:icon=”@drawable/abc_ic_search_api_mtrl_alpha” app:showAsAction=”always|collapseActionView” app:theme=”@style/MySearchViewStyle” app:actionViewClass=”android.support.v7.widget.SearchView” />

How to inflate Android View in LinearLayout class?

I’ve got a little piece of xml, which I’ll be using in a lot of places in my app. For this reason I want to store it in a separate file. So I created mywidget.xml in which I have my xml. I then try to inflate this in mywidget.java, after which I want to include […]

Android MVP pattern package structure

I saw various great tutorials on MVP pattern in android, but the authors all seem to have different practice on packaging. The first tutorial I saw did the packaging by functionalities. Such as, “Login”, “Join”, “UI” package. The UI package has only activities, the “Login” package has the interfaces for the presenter and the concrete […]

Running gradle's connectedAndroidTest on a specific device

How do you run connectedAndroidTest on a particular device? I would expect something like: ./gradlew connectedAndroidTest -DconnectedAndroidTest.device=XXXX We have a number of devices plugged into our CI server and I can’t seem to find any documentation on how to target a specific connected device. connectedAndroidTest runs the tests on ALL connected devices currently. Thanks.

How to integrate a floating action button into linear layout with toolbar

I have the following list view to which I want to add a floating action button. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android=”http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/android” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”fill_parent” android:orientation=”vertical” android:background=”@drawable/background_serious” > <include layout=”@layout/toolbar”/> <ListView android:id=”@id/android:list” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:cacheColorHint=”#00000000″> </ListView> <android.support.design.widget.FloatingActionButton android:id=”@+id/fab” android:layout_width=”wrap_content” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:layout_gravity=”end|bottom” android:layout_margin=”@dimen/fab_margin” android:src=”@drawable/ic_done” /> </LinearLayout> In the current form the button is not displayed at all. I […]

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