Can't delete File with the File class

Im trying to delete a music file through my App but can’t achieve that. Ive checked with boolean exists = temp.exists(); boolean isFile = temp.isFile(); if there true and yes they are. These methods returns me true. But when I come to the delete method : boolean deleted = temp.delete(); It returns me False and […]

can the native portions of of a react-native package be run and developed standalone?

Cross platform react-native packages have native android code, native iOS code, and javascript code that bridges them into the javascript world. Presumably when working on the native portions of such a package you would import them into their respective IDEs (android-studio and Xcode) and do the UI development in the IDE. When I look at […]

Use SyncAdapter to sync with *local* gmail and facebook app data

For an app I need to develop, I need to be able to sync with both gmail and facebook data using a SyncAdapter. I’m hoping to sync with the local facebook and gmail apps (if available) instead their remote servers. Syncing with the local apps would mean less battery usage, less network usage, faster syncing, […]

Integrating an external pure Java library and having Android classes access on it

I’m having troubles trying to get my external Java project so I can use Android classes on it as well. The library is already integrated on the Android project. For instance: I have several model classes on it that I would want to implement Parcelable so they can be seriallized accordingly, but none of the […]

Play a sound every N milliseconds

I’m developing a metronome application. The user can select at runtime the bpm, and my app will play the “tick” sound accordingly. The “tick” is a single metronome “shot” (mp3). I tried implementing it using Handler and MediaPlayer, but the metronome is not precise at all. So I thought about changing the whole approach: when […]

gradle error when Theme declare-styleable in two libraries

I tried to compile an android project using the following build.gradle file: buildscript { repositories { mavenCentral() } dependencies { classpath ‘’ } } apply plugin: ‘android’ repositories { maven { url ‘’ } mavenCentral() } android { compileSdkVersion 18 buildToolsVersion “18.1.1” defaultConfig { minSdkVersion 8 targetSdkVersion 18 } } dependencies { compile ‘’ compile […]

configure a Qt5 5.7 application for Android with CMake

I’ve successfully configured and built some Qt5 applications for Android using CMake and this CMake utility. Everything worked fine until I switched from Qt5.6 to Qt5.7. When I try to configure I get an CMake error which doesn’t help me much: — Configuring done CMake Error in CMakeLists.txt: No known features for CXX compiler “GNU” […]

SDK options is not available for Kindle Fire in Eclipse?

I have followed the procedure to set up the development environment for Kindle Fire in Eclipse from the Amazon Site. Though I added the add-on URL in ‘Manage Add-On Site’ option correctly, still Android SDK Manager is not displaying the following options for downloading: Android 4.2.2 (API 17) SDK Platform ARM EABI v7a System Image […]

How to make widget of running application in android?

I want to make my running application’s widget. I mean I want to access my application through widget on home screen. I want to dial a call, send sms to particular number which is stored in my application. Is it possible in android? I am stuck on this if anyone has any type of idea […]

Reload data on tab selected in a fragment using view pager

I have my fragments inside view page but I would like to reload the data on the tab selected.I tried returning PositionNone in the GetItemPosition method in my FragmentPagerAdapter but it does not work. I tried adding notifyDataSetChanged(); on tab selected but it throws nullpointer exception. I even tried setting the viewPager.setOffscreenPageLimit I managed to […]

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