Patterns when to use Activity Transition vs Dynamic Fragments

Are there any patterns on how to handle UI Transitions in Android Activities vs Fragments? I am currently looking into a UI that has at most 3 columns in Landscape. I would like the UI to start with 1 column all the way across the screen and then on selection of something move in the […]

FATAL SIGNAL 11 (Sigsegv) at 0x00000000 (code=1)?

Why does this problem occur? public static String path; private VideoView mVideoView; mVideoView = (VideoView) findViewById(; mVideoView.setVideoPath(path); mVideoView.setMediaController(new MediaController(this)); mVideoView.requestFocus(); //… private int mLayout = VideoView.VIDEO_LAYOUT_ZOOM; @Override public void onConfigurationChanged(Configuration newConfig) { if (mVideoView != null) mVideoView.setVideoLayout(mLayout, 0); super.onConfigurationChanged(newConfig); }

How to change SearchView default icon?

I’ve used “Android Action Bar Style Generator” in order to generate my own Holo theme. Then I’ve added two icons to the action bar, one for a searchFilter and one for a file picker, both icons are white. File picker icon (at the right) looks good, but somehow search icon looks dark grey. When typing […]

How to retrieve posts from a WordPress Blog in an Android App?

I’m trying to develop an Android app for browsing a WordPress-powered blog I own. I’m trying to figure out how to retrieve posts and other information from the blog to display in the app. I’ve looked all over but I feel completely lost. Is this something that can be done entirely in Java/XML? If so, […]

Android- Webview onPageFinished Called Twice

I have an activity that does OAuth authentication by intercepting the redirect url once it show up in the webview. However, the onPageFinished function is somehow called twice for some reason, which really messes up my application. Here’s the code: public class WebViewActivity extends Activity { private WebView gWebView; final String REDIRECT_URI = “https://localhost:5000/receive_code”; final […]

Uploading image from Android to GCS

I am trying to upload an image from Android directly to Google cloud storage. But the API does not seem to work. They have some Java samples which are tied to the App engine. I don’t see any sample which is proven to work on Android. On Android, I tried using the json api to […]

Android Studio create project template for new projects

First of all, I’m aware of this question; however I cannot follow the answer because there are no directories mentioned there. When creating new Android Studio project I want the following to be created automatically: Specific packages and directories; Gradle dependencies Several classes (might be imported from somewhere else) Is it possible to create an […]

TextView adding gradient AND shadow

I have a problem. I would like to have a textview with a gradient as color. And a black shadow behind it. The problem is that the shadow is using the color of the gradient in stead of using the called color (Color.BLACK) My code is: numberTextView = (TextView)findViewById(; Shader textShaderTop = new LinearGradient(0, 30, […]

What happens when all activities of an application finishes?

Scenario: I’ve four activities in my Android Application, lets say A, B, C and D. There is one class in the app which extends Application class in order to maintain global application state. The Constants class have all the constants variables of the app. The activity flow is like this A–>B–>C–>D. When back button […]

How to get minimum Hardware requirement for android application

Me with some team member develop one android application which collect data on field by mobile. Now this application is going to production. So general people will use this application. We also need to create one Documentation which explain all the things introduce in my android application and what is minimum hardware requirement to run […]

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