How an Android application is executed on Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Does one android app in my android phone run with its own dalvik virtual machine(one app one dalvik vm)? Or every app in my android phone shares the same single one dalvik virtual machine? My phone is android 2.3.

Pairing Android and Wear emulators

I don’t have an Android Wear, nor do I have a phone running 4.3. Is there a way to connect the JB 4.3 emulator and Android Wear emulator for app development?

Is it a bad idea to use printStackTrace() in Android Exceptions?

Is it a bad idea to use printStackTrace() in Android Exceptions like this? } catch (Exception e) { e.printStackTrace(); }

Where can I get the Android camera application source code?

I’m referring to the camera application that is already installed on my G1, not the camera API source code. How do I get the source code?

Invalid heap address and fatal signal 11

Every so often my app will crash and my log will read: @@@ ABORTING: INVALID HEAP ADDRESS IN dlfree Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdeadbaad (code=1) Sometimes code=2, but always Fatal signal 11 and invalid heap address. I’ve tried researching what this means and how to fix it. This thread has been the most helpful; […]

EditText without auto-correction, etc

My EditText needs to accept input consisting of partial words, names, etc. At least on my HTC Desire, this is difficult since the keyboard wants to suggest and/or correct some entries (e.g., changes “gor” to “for”). I tried setting textNoSuggestions on the view, but that doesn’t fix it. Any simple solution to this?

How to pop fragment off backstack

I have an activity A, which calls fragment Bf, which calls fragment Cf. I want Bf to be placed in the backstack when Cf is called so that users can navigate back to it. However, if a specific button is pressed in Cf, I would like Bf to be removed from the backstack. Is this […]

Android: Setting Zoom Level in Google Maps to include all Marker points

I am trying to set zoom level for Maps in android such that it includes all the points in my list. I am using following code. int minLatitude = Integer.MAX_VALUE; int maxLatitude = Integer.MIN_VALUE; int minLongitude = Integer.MAX_VALUE; int maxLongitude = Integer.MIN_VALUE; // Find the boundaries of the item set // item contains a list […]

How to notifiy users about an Android App update?

I’ve built an android app which is now on Play Market. From time to time, I make updates to it, and I’ll like to make users know that a new version is available. How can I send notification update to the users of the app?

Disabling navigation drawer, toggling home-button/up-indicator in fragments

The setup I have an activity whose contentView is an instance of a DrawerLayout, which has a navigation drawer with a drawer indicator displayed in the action bar. The activity contains a Fragment, let’s call it ListFragment, which contains a list of options. When an option is clicked, I replace the ListFragment with a DetailFragment. […]

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