Android: Binding data from a database to a CheckBox in a ListView?

I’m trying to bind data from my SQLiteDatabase to a ListView. I’m currently using a SimpleCursorAdapter to fill in my ListView. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work with setting a CheckBox’s checked attribute. This is how I do it now; instead of changing the CheckBox’s checked status the adapter is filling in the value to […]

VoIP library for Android

I need to integrate VoIP service in my Android application. Is there any free (best open source) library ? I need that the library at least allows voice call over internet and not necessarily internet to phone (like 2 Skype account).

How to mimic the Material-design raised button style, even for pre-Lollipop (minus the special effects)?

Google has shown some nice ways that buttons are shown on Lollipop here. I’m talking about both the raised and the flat buttons. How can I mimic them on pre-Lollipop versions, except for the special effects (ripple etc…) ? I’m talking about this and this. Of course, on Lollipop and above, I’d like to use […]

Http connection timeout on Android not working

I’m writing an application that connects to a webservice and I don’t want it to wait too long if it can’t get a connection. I therefore set the connectionTimeout of the httpparams. But it doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever. To test I turn of my WLAN temporarily. The application tries to connect for […]

How to use getSystemService in a non-activity class?

I am building an application which triggers an alarm via AlarmManager. I would like to be able to call the Alarm via it’s own non-activity class, but since I am not extending Activity, I don’t appear to have any ‘context’. This concept confuses me, and I’ve read the sdk docs. How would I go about […]

Evenly spacing views using ConstraintLayout

A common use for LinearLayout is to evenly space (weight) views, for example: How do you implement evenly spaced views like this using the new ConstraintLayout? ConstraintLayout links for reference: blog post, I/O session video

Genymotion virtualization engine not found/plugin loading aborted on Mac

I downloaded Genymotion but cannot get it to work. I keep on getting “virtualization engine not found, plugin loading aborted”. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it, force quit and restarted it, and looked at other solutions to no avail. It seems to hit a snag here. I am running on a Mac, OSX Yosemite version […]

List all the files from all the folder in a single list

Hi I am looking for the solution to list all the files from root/Android device. Suppose there are 3 folder inside root directory,but I want to display all the files in all of these folder in a single list.. Now If am using File f=new File(“/sdcard”); Then it will list all the files from the […]

Android Studio cannot resolve R in imported project?

I’m trying the new Android Studio. I’ve exported a project from eclipse, using the build gradle option. I’ve then imported it in Android Studio. The file under gen has a j in a little red circle on it. And in my source files, I get “cannot resolve symbol R” wherever I have a reference […]

How can I communicate with an Android device via SSH?

How can I communicate with an android device from my pc with the help of SSH? Normally, on a network, if one knows the user id and password of a Linux machine (with an SSF server enabled), one can connect from another device. (How) can this be done on Android?

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