View animation right to left android

I am not able to put view animation for inflated layouts. I used the following code snippet pageView.startAnimation(AnimationUtils.loadAnimation(this,R.anim.right_to_left_anim.xml)); and xml <set xmlns:android=”” android:shareInterpolator=”false”> <translate android:fromXDelta=”0%” android:toXDelta=”100%” android:fromYDelta=”0%” android:toYDelta=”0%” android:duration=”700″/> </set> Is any thing i missing? Thanks.

How to apply a big view style to a notification using Parse library

This library works perfectly, but i have a doubt. When I send a message to users with more than two lines, users can’t see all message in notification area. But I know that ANDROID can do it How to do it for notification from ? Look the images to explain my problem Image1 […]

Detecting the scrolling direction in the adapter (up/down)

I am trying to mimic the Google Plus application in my project, as it seems to be the reference now. The listview effect when scrolling is really nice and I would like to do something similar. I have started with the LayoutAnimationController LayoutAnimationController controller = AnimationUtils.loadLayoutAnimation( this, R.anim.list_layout_controller); getListView().setLayoutAnimation(controller); and that seems bad, as […]

programmatic click in Android WebView

Good afternoon! I have a website with href in it which redirected me to https <a id=”mA” href=”javascript:pLogin(2)” class=”login-link__link private-cab-link”><i class=”icon-user”></i>Авторизация</a> So, I can click on it by javascript. It works in chrome console javascript:(function(){document.getElementById(‘mA’).click();})() Now I’m trying to do the same in WebView by clicking my app’s button. public class RostelecomLoginActivity extends Activity { […]

Add bigger margin to EditText in Android AlertDialog

I have an EditText inside an AlertDialog. It looks like this. See where it says tddjdjck and how it is indented quite a lot. That is what I want (I used setPadding with left and right set to 50), but I also want the blue line under it to be indented too. How do I […]

ImageButton in Android with transparent background

I have follow this post to make ImageButton in android android image button The image appears to the button but it has some background , my Image is a png image and I want the button to be transparent background any one help please

IabHelper class not working?

I have implemented the IabHelper class in my android project and it says that the ‘getBuyIntentToReplaceSkus’ cannot be resolved. The full method: buyIntentBundle = mService.getBuyIntentToReplaceSkus(5, mContext.getPackageName(),oldSkus, sku, itemType, extraData); I implemented in app billing in my project but I have not yet created any items to be purchased, though the rest of the methods don’t […]

Speed Control of MediaPlayer in Android

I am developing a player app and I am using MediaPlayer for that. Now, I want to change the speed of the playing track. I’ve seen so many apps with this functionality. How can I do this?

How to close a Dialog in Android programmatically?

How do I close a Dialog in android programmatically for example by a button? Imagine I have a Dialog with a OK button on it, and want to close it by OK button, but I cant do that! I googled and found nothing useful, and almost all of them for closing AlertDialog not a Dialog.

Using Espresso to Unit Test Google Maps

I am using Espresso to do some UI testing on my app. I have a fragment with a map, and I display some items on it that I get through a call to my backend. When I click on a marker, I’m doing some UI things Is there any way I can do unit testing […]

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