Alternative to AbsoluteLayout in Android?

If AbsoluteLayout is deprecated what can I use instead of it? I’ve done an app that uses AbsoluteLayout but it doesn’t work well with the different screen resolutions. I use because I can set the X and Y position of a button. Can I set the position of a button using another layout?

How do you get “android:” tag values in a Custom View

There seems to be a lot of “similar” questions and answers to this scattered around which all refer to how to get a custom attribute from an AttributeSet. What I haven’t been able to find so far is how to get an android: namespace tag: <com.custom.view.StatusThumbnail android:id=”@+id/statusThumbnailContainer” android:layout_width=”0dp” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:layout_margin=”5dp” android:layout_weight=”1″/> I would like to […]

does Alarm Manager persist even after reboot?

I am really new to android, I have been researching about alarms. I want to alarm if there is a birthday on that day. I’ve have used alarm manager. I was confused because i have read that it clears after reboot. I don’t have an android phone so I’m just using the emulator. Here’s my […]

“Unable to find a userdata.img file for ABI armeabi…”

Once again I’ve made the mistake of updating Eclipse with the latest Android SDK/tools and have rendered it useless. Running Eclipse on a Mac. When I try to create an AVD it tells me it is “unable to find a userdata.img file for ABI armeabi”. I’ve read all the similar questions here that tell me […]

How to capitalize the first letter of text in a TextView in an Android Application

I’m not referring to textInput, either. I mean that once you have static text in a TextView (populated from a Database call to user inputted data (that may not be Capitalized)), how can I make sure they are capitalized? Thanks!

Android LinearLayout fill-the-middle

I have a vertical, set height (300px) LinearLayout (LL) with 3 nested LLs. 1 and 3rd are set with android:layout_height=”wrap_content” and the middle one with android:layout_height=”fill_parent”. To my dismay, 3rd LL gets pushed out with 2nd one filling parent layout right to the bottom. How do I achieve desired effect since I want potentially resize […]

CardView Corner Radius

Is there a way to make CardView only have corner radius at the top? < xmlns:android=”” xmlns:tools=”” xmlns:app=”” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” app:cardCornerRadius=”10dp” >

libpng error: Not a PNG file Error Showing In Android Studio

I just Imported a project from Eclipe to Android Studio. Just a plain and simple project. But the project folder is showing one error . May I know what is the correct way to achieve my objective? I am new in Android-studio .Does any guys meet this issue?Any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is […]

If I call getMeasuredWidth() or getWidth() for layout in onResume they return 0

If I call getMeasuredWidth() or getWidth() for layout in onResume they returns 0. I think that view it’s not drawn yet in this moment. Also I think that I need to put getMeasuredWidth() or getWidth() in callback method called after layout is drawn and view measurements are known. What android callback method should I use?

Android Studio SDK Managed Disabled

I just downloaded the Android Studio .dmg for OSX. Per the installation instructions, I’ve dragged it to the application folder and launched the application. But the SDK Manager and AVD Manager are greyed out and are impossible to use. Any ideas on an installation step I may have missed?

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