What are the limitations and disadvantages of Phonegap or HTML5 as compared to those of Android

I am curious to know if there are any drawbacks or limitations of using Phonegap as compared to using Android. What else can we do that cannot be accomplished using the other platform? Why would one specifically choose Phonegap over Android (besides budget or cross platform compatibility) or vice versa ? I am looking for […]

What causes Android's ContentResolver.query() to return null?

Under what conditions does ContentResolver.query() return null instead of a cursor object? I’ve gotten empty cursors before but just realized that the method can also return null. I haven’t been able to trace the circumstances that this happens in, though.

Mobile development – Native VS Cross Platform VS JavaScript

Our company will soon start developing few products for mobile platforms, as CTO I was asked to examine the Pro and Cons of the different tools available in order to achieve the best quality / cost effective solution. We will be aiming primarily at iOS and Android , secondary for Windows-Mobile and BlackBerry. Candidates: After […]

Does the Android OS release a wakelock if the app or service holding it is killed?

I have question about wakelock. In cases shown below, does android OS release wakelock (PARTIAL_WAKE_LOCK if you need to specify) to prevent wakelock was left acquired and wasting battery until turning power off (not sleep). Case 1-a: App has acquired wakelock (w/o timeout option) in one of its threads (please think it is reasonable in […]

Position Video Inside a VideoView

So I have extended VideoView’s onMeasure to scale up the video to fit inside a fullscreen view. here is how: public void setVideoAspect(int w,int h){ wVideo=w; hVideo=h; onMeasure(w, h); } @Override protected void onMeasure (int widthMeasureSpec, int heightMeasureSpec) { super.onMeasure(widthMeasureSpec, heightMeasureSpec); if(wVideo!=0 && hVideo!=0) setMeasuredDimension(wVideo,hVideo); } I call setVideoAspect() with the display metrics (width, hight) […]

How to record screen with Android Studio

I connect my phone to Android Studio and code. I want to record my phone screen. I saw this but that button is disabled in my Android Studio. I can capture screens but can’t record. Can someone help me with this? UPDATE This is how it is there in my Android studio. The button is […]

Android development with Netbeans IDE

Has anybody had any success with developing for Android platform using Netbeans (5.5+ ) IDE? I know of atleast netbeans one plugin that is supposed to support it but wanted to hear if anyone is using netbeans for Android development and how easy it is to set it up.

How to get GUID in android?

we are developing the application using the .Net webservice(soap protocal) for that i need Pass GUID from android class. in .Net we have statement like below Guid myGuid1 = new Guid(); i need the similar functionality in Android , is there any way to make this kind of functionality in android code? Regards, Jeyavel N

Setting TextView TextAppeareance Programmatically in android

I am going to implement a LinearLayout in which the input fields are programmatically generated according to the number of fields of the database table. Unfortunately, when I am trying to set the attribute: textApperance as textApperanceLarge in the TextView, it doesn’t work. Below is my code… for (int i = 0; i < selectedProducts; […]

How to run (not only install) an android application using .apk file?

Is there any command on cmd.exe that would allow me to start the main activity of a particular android application using the .apk file of that application. Please note that I know this command which only installs an android application: adb install myapp.apk This command will only install myapp onto the emulator and I have […]

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