Could not find folder 'tools' inside SDK

I am starting Android Development using Eclipse. I have downloaded all the required software but I am having the same problem as discussed here. Now I do not find the solution of the problem on that discussion so let me rewrite the problem again, When I load Eclipse and create a new Android project, it […]

Media Player Looping : Android

I am having 3 secs of mp3 file. I want to play that mp3 file continuously still the user click pause button. Is there any method to loop the single file and play it again again till user pauses it.

Embedded Chromium or Webkit in Android app

For our Android app, we would like to embed our own browser/rendering engine. The most likely candidate for this, is Webkit/Chromium. We are looking for something similar to WebView, essentially, but backed by a browser (version) that we control. Background Significant parts of our app consist of web page fragments embedded in the view (served […]

Android: textview hyperlink

I know that if you put a link in a textview it will work but if I want to display for example: google stackoverflow and not the whole link(just the tag) How do i make those links clickable?

Playing video on TextureView

In the documentation of Android TextureView it says that you can use a TextureView to play video: But I cant seem to find any example of how to do this. Does anyone know? I need to use a textureView because I want to animate the video. I want to play a video in .3gp/.mp4 format, […]

HTTP Post requests using HttpClient take 2 seconds, why?

Update: Found the answer myself, see below 🙂 Hi, I’am currently coding an android app that submits stuff in the background using HTTP Post and AsyncTask. I use the org.apache.http.client Package for this. I based my code on this example. Basically, my code looks like this: public void postData() { // Create a new HttpClient […]

Android Support Library v7: Error retrieving parent for item

I am trying to build the Android Support Library v7 samples. For that, I created an sampleproject through Eclipse -> New Android Sample Project and added the android-support-v7-* projects as “Android Project From Existing Code” to Eclipse, and made the sample project reference them. But I am getting the following errors in android-support-v7-mediarouter/res/values/styles.xml: error: Error […]

Spinner onItemSelected() executes when it is not suppose to

Possible Duplicate: Android Spinner OnItemSelected Called Erroneously (without user action on opening spinner) Does anyone know how to prevent the onItemSelected() (OnItemSelectedListener interface) method from running when the layout is instantiated? I need to know if there is a way to do this because I want to keep how I instantiate my layout separate from […]

Android CONTENT TYPE – Is some standard constant defined by android?

I have very basic understanding problem of Content types. I went through lot of examples and text explaining the above term, but still have some basic understanding problem. Can some clarify me please. In the android notepad example, and many others, it is mentioned resolves to a list of items in a directory and […]

Change drawer icon back to back arrow

I’m using the new DrawerLayout to have side navigation. I’m using the drawer icon (the ‘hamburger’) like this: @Override protected void onStart() { super.onStart(); mDrawerLayout = (DrawerLayout) findViewById(; mDrawerToggle = new ActionBarDrawerToggle( this, mDrawerLayout, R.drawable.ic_navigation_drawer, R.string.app_name, R.string.app_name); mDrawerLayout.setDrawerListener(mDrawerToggle); getActionBar().setDisplayHomeAsUpEnabled(true); getActionBar().setHomeButtonEnabled(true); } However, when I add a Fragment to the backstack, I want to display the […]

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