Is there any way to get notified when known SSIS wifi networks get in/out of range?

I want to write an application which consists on perform actions when a known wifi networks get in or out of range. For example, let’s say my home wifi network’s SSIS is “WifiHome”, and i want to make a notification “You just left home!” whenever the device can’t detect this specific network anymore. (Or alternativly […]

TextInputLayout setErrorEnabled doesn't create new TextView object

I’ve found an issue while creating a login form. I show some errors on my TextInputLayout and disable them, when the user filled in something correctly. I set it with mTextInputLayout.setError(“This field is required”); and disable it with mTextInputLayout.setError(null); Problem is that there are still paddings of the empty TextView object, which was showing the […]

How to use Xamarin.Form Controls and Native Controls On the same page

I want to use Xamarin.Form Control inside my Native Android Page Controls. In my Android native page is there any way to load a Xamarin.Form Page inside my Native Android Fragment or LinearLayout? According to Xamarin it’s possible. But I cannot find how to achieve this.

Android input connection error

I am connecting my android client emulator to server(Servlet). The output stream is working fine. Server is printing the message sent from client. Server is sending response successfully. But the android input connection is passive. Here the error shown in logcat showStatusIcon on inactive InputConnection What is the problem? I am sorry showStatusIcon on inactive […]

what's wrong with my sensor monitoring technique?

(please read UPDATE 3 at the end)I’m developing an app that continually works with the sensors of device, works with Accelerometer and Magnetic sensors to retrieve the orientation of device(the purpose is mentioned here). in other words, my app needs to know the orientation of device in Real-time(however this is never possible, so as fast […]

CoordinatorLayout with two floating action buttons

I have two Fabs located inside a CoordinateLayout view. When I show a Snackbar, I expect the two Fabs go up all together, but the result is that only one of the Fab (lower one) responds and go up (see picture). what do I miss here? berfore after Calling snack bar mSnackbar = Snackbar.make(getActivity().findViewById(, “Loading”, […]

How to draw a graph in android like Wifi Analyzer App?

Hi I’m trying to develop a Field Test Application and i’ve to retrieve information like signal strength of neighboring cells. So my question is: How can I display a graph with the different neighboring cells on X-axis and the signal strength on Y-axis in real time? An example here. I’ve already got 5 or 6 […]

Passing interface to Fragment

Let’s consider a case where I have Fragment A and Fragment B. B declares: public interface MyInterface { public void onTrigger(int position); } A implements this interface. When pushing Fragment B into stack, how should I pass reference of Fragment A for it in Bundle so A can get the onTrigger callback when needed. My […]

DownloadManager – understanding ERROR_HTTP_DATA_ERROR

My application depends heavily on android DownloadManager component to download files with approximate size of 3-10 mega bytes. when scaling up (to millions of downloads) the big picture is clear: ~50% of all downloads are failing due to ERROR_HTTP_DATA_ERROR. I’m getting this info from google analytics according to the documentation, this error code stands for: […]

How to get Android Contact thumbnail

I have a listview adapter and I’m trying the following in the newView method: @Override public View newView(Context context, Cursor cursor, ViewGroup parent) { final LayoutInflater inflater = LayoutInflater.from(context); View v = inflater.inflate(layout, parent, false); long contactId = Long.valueOf(cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex(ContactsContract.Contacts._ID))); String contactName = cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex(ContactsContract.Contacts.DISPLAY_NAME)); boolean hasPhone = Boolean.parseBoolean(cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex(ContactsContract.Contacts.HAS_PHONE_NUMBER))); String thumbnailUri = cursor.getString(cursor.getColumnIndex(ContactsContract.Contacts.PHOTO_THUMBNAIL_URI)); TextView name_text = (TextView) […]

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