I can't get IntelliJ to recognise my Android SDK

I am trying to make Android programs using IntelliJ. Unfortunately, I cannot get the Android SDK to be recognised on IntelliJ. (I.e. Eclipse has Android SDK Manager installed just fine.) I select create new project from scratch. I give the project a name and select make Android module. Create source directory (next). The computer then […]

android listview get selected item

I am new to android, I have a code in which I have placed buttons in list view. My list is as.. Number | Name | ID (visibility = gone) | Level | button1 | button2 Function is different in button 1 and button 2 case. I have applied listeners on buttons but when I […]

Change Background color of the action bar using AppCompat

I found some questions about this problem around the web. Unfortunately, everything i try so far, has been unsuccessful. Has the title say, i need to change the background color of my action bar. The project have a min sdk of 9, and max sdk of 19. I have create in my res/values folder, an […]

Android device configuration for AOSP

I’ve downloaded Android source code. Now I want to make it for my own device (LG GT540). I heard that you need to create some ‘Device configuration’ for that. Although several developers have already created device configurations for my device, but I want to create my own, just for learning.I saw a lot of files […]

How to make Facebook's app new menu on Android?

Possible Duplicate: Android facebook style slide Recently Facebook released a new version of its Android application that features an improved navigation. One main new feature is the new menu (that already existed on the iOS version): By clicking on the home button of the Action Bar, this menu slides from left to right, hiding the […]

Android: How to prevent the back button from cancelling a FragmentDialog

I have a Fragment that can create and pop up a DialogFragment, but when I hit the back button, it dismisses the dialog even though I explicitly call setCancelable(false); Is there any way for my DialogFragment to be insensative to the back button? public class LoadingDialogFragment extends DialogFragment { String title; String msg; public LoadingDialogFragment() […]

What's the console.log() of java?

I’m working on building an Android app and I’m wondering what the best approach is to debugging like that of console.log in javascript

Copying APK file in Android Gradle project

I’m trying to add a custom task to my Android project’s build.gradle to copy the final APK and Proguard’s mapping.txt into a different directory. My task depends on the assembleDevDebug task: task publish(dependsOn: ‘assembleDevDebug’) << { description ‘Copies the final APK to the release directory.’ … } I can see how to do a file […]

How to set TextInputLayout error message colour?

How can I change the colour of the error message that can be set to appear below the text field in a TextInputLayout (via setError(…) – see error state here)? It normally shows as a red colour, which I want to change. Which item names/keys should I use in my styles.xml file to target the […]

Fix bottom bar in CoordinatorLayout

I have a CoordinatorLayout which contains AppBarLayout and a FrameLayout which contains fragments. One of this fragment contains a TabLayout at Top, one List trough RecyclerView and at the Bottom one “homemade” toolbar. The AppBarLayout is configured with app:layout_scrollFlags=”scroll|enterAlways” My problem is that both “toolbars” are hiding when scroll, the AppBarLayout and my “homemade” toolbar […]

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