Converting a String to int. Set the int to 0 if String is null

I have a function which saves Android data in sqlite but I have to convert the String data to an Integer. Whenever the String is null i would like to save as 0 The following is my code which fails whenever the value is null int block_id = Integer.parseInt(jsonarray.getJSONObject(i).getString(“block_id”)); The block_id above is converted to […]

Generating Google map Release API Key

My app uses Google Maps, I signed up for a Google Maps key to debug, it worked. But now, I need a Google Maps key in release mode, before publishing. How can I get it?

Does someone know how to use PagerTitleStrip in Android

I decided to use a ViewPager in my application and everything is working fine. I Know that I want to use a PagerTitleStrip in my ViewPager, but I’ve failed to find any info on how to do it… The one and only page (sic!!) I found on this class is So it seems I […]

Android dual SIM card API

There are several questions about accessing dual SIM features through the Android SDK, all of which are answered with brief statements that such features are unsupported in Android. In spite of this, dual SIM phones do exist, and applications like MultiSim seem to be able to detect this in some kind of manufacturer-independent way. So, […]

Where do you file bugs for Android/iOS Google Products or Services (AppInvites, Maps, etc…)?

I’ve recently found a bug on the Android SDK for AppInvites. I searched the web, looking for a bug tracker for AppInvites and couldn’t find any. So I posted on the classic receiving this response from a Googler: Sorry, this tracker is for issues with the Android OS only. Please use to obtain […]

Android AlarmManager after reboot

I have a set of alarms that I need to keep after reboot. I’ve tried using on an boot receiver but they won’t start again. I’m not sure if I understand the boot receiver and how to then restart all the alarms. I already have one receiver for my notifications, but don’t know whether I […]

Disable keyboard input on Android TimePicker

I’m developing and Android app using the 1.6 SDK. I’m using a TimePicker and I don’t want the soft keyboard to come up when you click on the digits in the TimePicker. I only want the TimePicker to be changed using the plus and minus buttons. I’ve tried using android:focusable=”false” and android:focusableInTouchMode=”false” hoping those would […]

I can't locate the Android SDK on my computer

I installed the Android SDK on my computer a few months ago and now I’ve finally motivated myself to begin developing. At the moment, I’m trying to install the plugin for Eclipse, and I need to set the location of the SDK on my computer but… I can’t find it. I know it’s installed, since […]

R.string.value Help android notification

whats the deal with CharSequence contentTitle = R.string.value; Error cannot convert from int to CharSequence. Is there a way around this or am i missing something? i tried String s = R.string.value + “”; CharSequence contentTitle = s; it returns integers values. Any help?

Jquery-ui sortable doesn't work on touch devices based on Android or IOS

Is there any fix to make Jquery-ui sortable work on touch devices based on Android or IOS?

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