How to properly configure AdMob using IntelliJ IDEA?

I’m trying to incorporate AdMob into my Android application. I’m using IntelliJ IDEA for development and I cannot seem to set my project up properly. At this point I’ve done the following: Did all the preliminary steps necessary to download the AdMob SDK. Followed the directions here, trying to augment them for IntelliJ IDEA. I’ve […] Serializing Arrays is not supported, please use Lists instead

I am trying to persist a custom object using the following code: DatabaseReference databaseReference = FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().getReference(); DatabaseReference curWorkoutExercisesRef = databaseReference.child(“workouts”) .child(mCurrentWorkout.getId()) .child(“workoutExercises”); WorkoutExercise we = new WorkoutExercise(exercise); curWorkoutExercisesRef.push().setValue(we); Here’s my object: public class WorkoutExercise { private String id; private Exercise exercise; public WorkoutExercise() {} // getters, setters, other methods // … } public class Exercise […]

AudioRecord records intermittent sound in Android L Developer Preview

I’m recording sound with AudioRecord in PCM16LE format, 8000Hz, 1channel. It records ok in Android versions 2.3.3-4.4.4, but records strange intermittent sound in Android L(5.0) Developer Preview (on nexus 5, nexus 7 and emulator). Here is the sample of recorded sound (the first half – recording, the second half – playback): I tried to […]

is there an iUI for the Android

Im developing for both iPhone and Android. For iPhone im using iUI to show what the user interface would look like from a browser. Does anyone know if there is a similar javascript/css library which would allow me to mock up the Android interface?

What's the most battery-efficient approach of using LocationClient to periodically get updates?

I am thinking about having two separate alarms to gather a user’s location data every hour, one that goes off every 59 minutes to “connect” the client and a second to actually get the location and then subsequently disconnect the client. In terms of battery life, is there anything else I should consider doing if […]

Android/PhoneGap: Using third-party libraries in plugin-development

I’m working on a PhoneGap/Cordova plugin that’s supposed to provide a socket for sending and receiving OSC messages (Open Sound Control). For that purpose I’d like to use JavaOSC but I’m uncertain about how to include the library into my project. I’m using Android Studio and I’ve basically followed this tutorial to set up my […]

Android sync adapter with appengine Google user accounts

I am implementing a sync adapter for my app to sync with an appengine backend. On appengine I am using the built in User api for authentication. There is a post HERE that tells how to do it, however the app is listed under the gmail account. Ideally my app would be listed in the […]

Android: AutoCompleteTextView with default suggestions

How do I show some default suggestions for AutoCompleteTextView before the user type anything? I cannot find a way to do this even with creating a custom class that extends AutoCompleteTextView. I want to show suggestions for common input values to save the user from typing. Any suggestions?

Android – How to retrieve list of registered geofences

How can I determine all geofences registered for an application? After registering GeoFences with LocationClient.addGeofences(),I waited for onAddGeofencesResuls()(which returned SUCCESS) and tried to use LocationClient.getTriggeringGeofences(intent) with the same intent I used for registration, but I only got null.

How to use Facebook SDK with

I’m trying to follow the samples of Facebook SDK from site. However, what I know is it’s Facebook SDK is working with Activity and only. Now in my application I’m using with all Fragments in my project and I don’t really care about support to older version of Android. Question is (in […]

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