Android : Download a single file in many parts

I developing an application like Internet Download Manager for Android. I want to know how to download different parts of file in Android as it is done in IDM. How can I get the metadata of file before download and how to download files in parts? There is no username-password or any restrictions in downloading… […]

android live streaming of tv

I am developing app in which I have to implement live tv streaming. My Google search has lead me to believe that live streaming is not possible till 2.1 android. Is it right? As I get code of straming music of mediaplayer and i can use type of it by setting below method: mp.setAudioStreamType(2); But […]

Finding and Android NSD-Service from a non-Android Device

Since Android 4.1 Network service discovery (NSD) is available. However, how would one find an android device that exposes an NSD-Service from a computer or from some other device that does not run android. Building an android app as shown in the examples will find the other device just fine, however, one does not always […]

What happens when you click on an application's launch icon?

¬†What happens when you click on an app’s launch icon? Is a new intent always sent, or is the result sometimes the same as resuming a task from recent tasks? If an intent is sent, when does it get sent to the onCreate() method of a new activity instance and when does it get routed […]

Can my Android app detect if it was launched from Eclipse?

Is there a way for an Android activity to detect how it was launched? Specifically, I would like to detect if my app was started from Eclipse, versus if it was started normally (e.g., from the home screen or installed application list). This is a proxy for knowing if crash reports should be uploaded or […]

downloaded png image with transparent background shows with black background

In my android application I downloaded some png image and write them in sd card. when I show them in image view they are showing with black background. the original images have transparent background. How I can keep the background transparent. Please help me. I use PNG format to compress and write it to sd […]

How to transmit Android real-time sensor data to computer?

I wish to transmit real-time sensor data collected by Android smartphone to my computer and do the signal process on my computer. How may I achieve that? Any helpful links to tutorials are very well welcomed. Either by wireless means or USB cables is acceptable. When the data are transmitted, how may the computer process […]

Restore Android back stack after app has been closed

What’s the best practise to manage / restore application back stack between multiple sessions ? Exemple of a Workflow : Activity A started (stack: A) Activity B started (stack: A B) Activity C started (stack: A B C) … User uses a different application (let’s say the GMail app) for a while … User goes […]

Firebase dynamic links handled twice

I have a problem that firebase dynamic link is relaunched when the android app is restarted. The following sequence produces the problem: click the deep link URL the app is opened at the view pointed by the deep link (as expected) close the app (completely) open the app from the icon the app is opened […]

Java equivalent of .NET RSACryptoServiceProvider with SHA-1

I have the following data signing code in C# RSACryptoServiceProvider rsa = new RSACryptoServiceProvider(); string PrivateKeyText = “<RSAKeyValue><Modulus>….</D></RSAKeyValue>”; rsa.FromXmlString(PrivateKeyText); string data = “my data”; byte[] SignedByteData = rsa.SignData(Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(data), new SHA1CryptoServiceProvider()); and I want reproduce the same code in Java (Android): String modulusElem = “…”; String expElem = “…”; byte[] expBytes = Base64.decode(expElem, Base64.DEFAULT); byte[] modulusBytes […]

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