Arrow Mark over Polyline in Android Google Route Map

how to show Arrowheads over Polyline in Android Google map v2 I have gone through couple of links , most of them gives link to JS but I need in Android not JS and I can’t use those codes in Android Some are using MapActivity I followed a tutorial to creat map activity too […]

Android: App shortcut has to be recreated after update

A weird thing is happening: I’ve published an update to google play. When users download the update the existing home screen shortcut disappears and the have to recreate it or on other devices, the shortcut stays on the homescreen, but when they press it, it says the refering app isn’t there and then they have […]

Android Library about override Resource

If I create a Library and add normal drawable int drawable-xxhdpi, then add Resource file with the same name at the app.the app’s Reasource will replace the library’s Resource, just like: But if I use the svg resource,It won’t replace the library’s Resource,like: How to replace the vector drawable?

Problem running Android ApiDemos in Eclipse

I created a project from ApiDemo sample code in Eclipse (in Windows 7) as described here: When I try running the project I get the following output: [2011-03-23 01:59:39 – ApiDemos] Uploading ApiDemos.apk onto device ’emulator-5554′ [2011-03-23 01:59:44 – ApiDemos] Installing ApiDemos.apk… [2011-03-23 02:01:24 – ApiDemos] Re-installation failed due to different application signatures. [2011-03-23 […]

How to support textView.setTextIsSelectable in lower android versions?

textView.setTextIsSelectable(true); requires min API level 11. Is there anyway to support it from API level 8+ ?

Rollback using repo command?

How can I do a rollback when I use the repo command? I made some changes in some files and now I want to rollback to the source that was downloaded when I used the repo sync command. I haven’t committed the changes.

Android – access local host from browser without internet connection

I’ve installed local web server on my android tablet. But when all connections are off, every time I access the local site from built in browser (or Chrome), I get annoying popup message about “no internet connection” or something about sim card… is there any way to avoid that?

Android 9-Patch Background Image Initial PNG Size?

I’m looking at making a 9-Patch background image for my application and I’m wondering what size should I make the initial PNG in Photoshop before I convert it to a 9-Patch Image? Thanks Aaron

0 byte file appears when Capturing screen by screencap

I’m having trouble with capturing the screen of un-rooted phone. I’ve tried the command at my computer: adb shell /system/bin/screencap -p /sdcard/out.png and this worked well. However, whenever I try to use this command at my application like this : @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); String[] str ={“/system/bin/screencap”,”-p”,”/sdcard/out.png”}; try { Process ps […]

Android drawing rectangle timer with animation

I’m trying to have an animation drawing stroke rectangle: Any kickstart for this issue will be helpful. Using Views,Canvas anything. Thanks

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