Dagger can't find injectable members on a module

I’m using Dagger for dependency injection in an Android project, and can compile and build the app fine. The object graph appears to be correct and working, but when I add dagger-compiler as a dependency to get errors at compile time, it reports some bizarre errors: [ERROR] error: No binding for com.squareup.tape.TaskQueue<com.atami \ .mgodroid.io.NodeIndexTask> required […]

Full example of how to programmatically do RotateAnimations?

I want to have an animation with various steps that do moves (translations) and rotations like “straight on, turn left, straight on, ….” of a car. I am able to do this in an AnimationSet, but fail at rotating around the center of my car image with the “RELATIVE_TO_SELF” setting. I know about Animation a […]

Android 4.3 keychain example

I am trying to understand the keychain concept in android 4.3 and I will really appreciate it if I can get a example to understand it.

Fragment back stack does not work when extending AppCompatActivity

I’m using the new AppCompatActivity introduced in the AppCompat library version 22.1. When I extend this Activity, the hardware back button no longer pops the back stack of my Fragments, it closes the Activity instead. Here is how I’m changing fragments in my activity: public void changeFragment(Fragment f) { FragmentTransaction ft = getFragmentManager().beginTransaction(); ft.replace(R.id.fragment_holder, f); […]

Change the locale at runtime?

We have an Android app that functions as a client for a remote PC program. We’d like to add a feature so the PC can instruct the Android app to change its locale at runtime, i.e., start the app; put it in communication with the PC; sometime later the PC tells the app to switch […]

How to delete the published app from developer console android

I want to remove the published app from play store.So I have unpublished it but it is still present in developer console.How to remove it. Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

Edittext android automatic focus

I have an issue when the activity starts, android automatically places focus on the first edittext. How do I prevent android from doing that?

Android: How to know if an activity is finished?

I’m working on an app that plays mp3 files automatically and in succession from within a given activity. it knows when the current mp3 play is completed by listening for an “onCompletion” event from the MediaPlayer. However, if I return to the start display by pressing the back button while media is playing, apparently the […]

How to get current network usage of app (or in total), even on Android N?

As the title says. I wish to know how many bytes per second a specific app use at specific time. Maybe I can use “netstat” command? But if so, how can I filter it to a specific app/process ? Do I also need to have some permission to do it? Currently people say to use […]

Check if gps is on In Kitkat (4.4)

Below kitkat, I get if gps is on with providers list String providers = Secure.getString(context.getContentResolver(), Secure.LOCATION_PROVIDERS_ALLOWED); if (TextUtils.isEmpty(providers)) { return false; } return providers.contains(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER); But in kitkat, Secure.LOCATION_PROVIDERS_ALLOWED is deprecated. Javaodc say “use Secure.LOCATION_MODE”, Location modes are belows… Secure.LOCATION_MODE_OFF Secure.LOCATION_MODE_SENSORS_ONLY Secure.LOCATION_MODE_BATTERY_SAVING Secure.LOCATION_MODE_HIGH_ACCURACY But i do not know exactly below code is correct. (I do not […]

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