Android App – How to save a bitmap drawing on canvas as image? Check code?

I tried to use the following codes to Draw on canvas Save the canvas on Image Problem – When I try to save the image, it shows a null pointer error and nothing is saved. Please help me to find the problem with the code or suggest me an alternative, which does excatly the same. […]

How can I align an element to be in center of and above another element in relative layout?

Here’s a picture so you can understand what I want: I have this green element already set up in my relative layout, and what I want is to put another element (the black one in the pic) above it so it gets centered exactly in the middle of the green element. Keep in mind that […]

Android studio can't connect through ADB on OSX

I’ve been working a bit with Android Studio on OSX 10.7.5 and it looks very promising. I’ve run into a problem when trying to launch an application on my device however. When clicking the run button, AS claims to be “waiting for ADB”. After a while it times out and says that “ADB is not […]

Youtube API “An error occurred while initializing the YouTube player.”

I’m using Youtube API to have simple playerView on my application. I did what the API said to do but I keep getting “application is stopped” message. I don’t really know the exact english phrase since I’m using a Korean Phone. Hope that’s the right phrase in English. I put Youtubeandroidplayerapi.jar in libs and built […]

dexedLibs folder in android project

So I have noticed fairly recently a folder within my Phonegap/Android project (project/bin/dexedLibs) and this folder contains two .jar files. After scratching around the internet, I found one website in which the author says ADT version 21 puts “pre-dexed Libs” in the project to enable faster build times. I did upgrade recently to ADT 21 […]

RecyclerView laggy scrolling

I am loading 400×200 images in RecyclerView, but scrolling is laggy on 2k devices. I am using Picasso for loading images from resource. As you can see in the demo images are blurry on 2k screen, but if I load higher resolution images the situation gets worse. How to fix this, I am not even […]


I keep on getting the NoClassDefFoundError on other test device (4.4.2) that I’m using. But works fine on my test device (Android 5.1). I tried the solutions that I’ve googled and nothing seems to work. I’m using Firebase Realtime Database. Can somebody please help? Here is the error log: 06-03 01:36:29.607 2655-2655/ E/dalvikvm: Could not […]

Python, Kivy and Android Game

I want to create a game for Android and want to try something new. I really love python and want to use it for developing an Android game. Game is not simple, it would be 3D RPG game. I found Kivy Crossplatform Framework and PyGame. I really liked both but I’m not sure if Python […]

cannot connect to VM

I made a test class in my android project to check if my database works. But when I want to debug this class it gives me an error: “Cannot connect to VM”, in details it says also “Socket operation on nonsocket: configureBlocking”. When I try debugging a test class in another project it works and […]

How to get facebook user access token in android?

I am using restfb API to access my friend’s photos in Java. And to access these photos, I generate access code manually using Graph API explorer and pass this as a parameter to the restfb API call. But now I want to generate this access token through code (programmatically). I have seen fb android samples, […]

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