How is Android's Instagram structured?

I’m building an android app which, although it has a completely different function, has a very similar UI to Instagram. There is a bottom bar with buttons for viewing timeline, posting (my app’s content), checking notifications, and viewing your own profile. I am a fourth year electrical engineering student, but I am relatively new to […]

Is there a plan to include Android PdfRenderer in a support library?

In Android 5.0, Google introduced the PdfRenderer class, which is great for rendering PDFs. The problem is that it is only available with minSDK 21. How can i find out if there are plans to include this class in a support library?

Trouble with appwidget appWidgetIds (real and phantom instances of widget)

colleagues! My problem is: I`ve got an App Widget with Configuration Activity(min SDK – 2.1), it works properly but sometimes it begins working more slowly. I logged and found out that before updating my App Widget method onUpdate received an array of App Widget Ids @Override public void onUpdate(Context context, AppWidgetManager appWidgetManager, int[] appWidgetIds) { […]

Using .aar NoClassDefFoundError But Class Exists and is Dexed

I have several projects which I build to create an .aar. I then import this .aar into into Android Studio under /libs. The build.gradle file for this dependency looks as follows: repositories{ flatDir{ dirs ‘libs’ } } dependencies { compile fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: [‘*.jar’]) compile ‘’ compile ‘’ compile ‘’ compile(name: ‘customApi-debug’, ext:’aar’) } Since […]

Problem in implementing Parcelable containing other Parcelable

I’m implementing Parcelable class that has another Parcelable insde. In OuterParcelable class: @Override public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) { Bundle tmp = new Bundle(); tmp.putParcelable(“innerParcelable”, mParcelable); dest.writeBundle(tmp); and then: public OuterParcelable(Parcel parcel) { super(); Bundle b = parcel.readBundle(); mParcelable = b.getParcelable(“innerParcelable”); and: public OuterParcelable createFromParcel(Parcel in) { return new OuterParcelable(in); } When I recreate […]

How much of the core Java APIs are present in Android API

How much of the core Java APIs are present in Android API? How proficient will I become in writing core Java applications by writing applications for Android phones?

Android debugging via Bluetooth

I was using earlier adb to debug Android applications over wifi, usb – it was great. Right now I am wondering if it is possible to connect phone with adb via bluetooth. I did a quick research but didn’t find anything – have you tried it already ?

Using libusb on Android without rooting

I am trying to communicate with USB device from Android-based smartphone via OTG. I was able to communicate with my device using Android USB Host API. The problem of USB Host API solution is performance (single bulk transfer bounded by 16384 bytes). The libusb can perform larger requests and now I am trying to integrate […]

Global Search In Android

I want Messaging (Sms/Mms) application to be part of the global search i.e., when I type a word in the omni search box (on home screen), it should show me the messages which has that word. Currently, we have local search within messaging app which works fine but how do I make messaging globally searchable. […]

How to use File Explorer on a rooted device?

Eclipse is connected to my rooted phone and I can run debug sessions and see LogCat messages. I can also see the phone in Devices view in the DDMS perspective, but: When I open the File Explorer view (in same perspective) I see nothing. I could swear that I saw it working once but for […]

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