Format exception message to contain the whole stacktrace in Google Analytics for Android?

I would like to have the whole stacktrace in Google Analytic’s report’s for my mobile application. I wrote class that print’s the stacktrace and put’s it into string, but it doesn’t work. My custom ExceptionParser: @Override public String getDescription(String threadName, Throwable throwable) { return threadName + ” ” + getStackTrace(throwable); } private String getStackTrace(Throwable throwable) […]

The attribute is not declared (Android) on basic xml attributes

I’m new to this Android development, and I find the layout of it really confusing. I’m trying to have a background image on a view, and I’ve tried using this example Add a background image to shape in xml Android, but it looks very bad (bitmaps you know) So I thought vectors could be fun. […]

(How) Can an android virtual device use the local computer's internet?

I have a server running on the network my computer is on. Is there a way to allow the virtual device to use this same network and access the server? The virtual device won’t let me toggle the wifi (probably because it doesn’t have one). The only options I see that look right are: “Wireless […]

Adding a custom annotation to Android Saripaar

I just started using android saripaar library for a client’s app. I wanted to add a custom validation for a field. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to create a custom annotation. I have to manually put in rule in the validator. How do I create a custom annotation for the same?

What does repo init and repo sync actually do?

I posted this question at Android Enthusiasts but figured it was the wrong place to ask, so I deleted it from there and asking it “again” here. This is such a noob question, and pardon me if it is, but I just want to understand the underlying concepts clearly. Reading repo help and Google’s repo […]

is it possible to install java fx on an android phone?

I want to install a Java Me application on my android phone. I have tried with jbed and some other virtual machines, but it doesn’t work. On Windows Mobile, I tried with javaFx and it worked, so I tried to do the same on android but I cann’t find a javaFx apk. My phone is […]

Static variable across multiple, different subclasses – corrected

I was wondering what happened if I define a base Activity object with all my activities as subclasses of that. Then I declare a static variable in the base class, will all the subclasses use the SAME static or will there be one per subclass. For example. My base class: public class MyBaseActivity extends Activity{ […]

(Java / Android) Calculate days between 2 dates and present the result in a specific format

I am trying to do calculate days between 2 dates as follow: Obtain current date Obtain past OR future date Calculate the difference between no. 1 and no. 2 Present the dates in the following format If the result is in past (2 day ago) or in the future (in 2 days) Format will: days, […]

Android: MediaPlayer finalized without being released

I’m using the MediaPlayer class in an app that I’m currently working on. I want to hold on to an instance of the MediaPlayer class for the lifetime of my Activity. I’m releasing the resources from the MediaPlayer class in the onPause() { } method of the activity, however when the activity starts I see […]

Is var str: String mutable or immutable?

I have declared a String variable in Kotlin as like. var str: String The Kotlin document contradict for mutability concept. As per document… var is mutable. But for String it define as immutable. So please clarify contradiction…

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