How to ship library for Android

I want to develop a library for Android. In what form can I ship it? jar, apk or something else? How should I do it so that other developers can use my library in their application?

Android group notification does not alarm after adding summary notification (Android 6.0)

I am trying to get local notifications to work like Hangouts. I would like a heads up notification to appear each time a new text message is received. But when there are two or more unread notifications I would like to display a summary notification in the Android notification bar. It seems like stacking notification […]

Android how to identify audio/video from xml?

I am working to read audio, video news from rss feed. How do I identify whether that rss is for news reader or audio or video? This is a video feed: and this is text feed: By opening this, we can understand whether it is video or text. How can we come to […]

Android – Getting Contact List with street addresses but no low value ones like Skype where the address is only a city and state

I got a cursor retrieving all the contacts on the app that have a street address. This cursor is then passed into an Adapter. So far so good. Except I also get a bunch of low value contacts (mostly from Skype) that only have a State/Country info. Is there an easy way to modify the […]

Wrong behavior of RTL parameters hack with android 4.2.2

Since android 4.2, RTL languages are fully supported. Start and End can replace Left and Right to define layout but android 4.1 and older don’t support start and end. To use only one xml for both layout direction, we can use both start and left or end and right for retrocompatibility. For exemple : <View […]

fetch friends list from facebook sdk 4.0.1 in android with graph api 2.2

Code i used for fetching the list after doing some search is below GraphRequestBatch batch = new GraphRequestBatch( GraphRequest.newMyFriendsRequest( accessToken, new GraphRequest.GraphJSONArrayCallback() { @Override public void onCompleted( JSONArray jsonArray, GraphResponse response) { // Application code for users friends System.out.println(“getFriendsData onCompleted : jsonArray ” + jsonArray); System.out.println(“getFriendsData onCompleted : response ” + response); try { JSONObject […]

How to open device dock settings programmatically?

I have to open device dock setting through code. I searched but not got proper solution. In samsung galaxy s-3 it goes through settings->Accessory. I tried following code but didn’t work startActivityForResult(new Intent(Settings.System.getString(getContentResolver(), DOCK_SETTING)), 0);

Force to use same certificate to sign different “buildTypes” that are configured for a particular “productFlavor”?

Background: I am generating builds using build variant. Below are the configurations: signingConfigs { production { storeFile file(“some_path/buildsystem/keystore/some.release.keystore.jks”) storePassword “somepassword” keyAlias “somekeyalias” keyPassword “some” v2SigningEnabled false } develop { storeFile file(“.some_path./buildsystem/keystore/someother.debug.keystore.jks”) storePassword “someother” keyAlias “someotherkeyalias” keyPassword “someother” v2SigningEnabled false } } productFlavors { production { signingConfig signingConfigs.production } develop { applicationIdSuffix “.develop” signingConfig signingConfigs.develop } […]

ADT Plugin “Loading data for Android X.X.X” every time XML files are opened

I know there are some questions like this on stackOverflow, but i think they are old. I’m working with the latest versions of Android SDK Tols (24.3.2 rev) and ADT 23.0.6. This problem with eclipse, it seems fixed for ADT 22.6.3, but i dont want to downgrade my ADT version. Anyone can help to fix […]

Android How do I retrieve picasa photo from built-in gallery?

I want to retrieve the photos from built-in Android gallery calling ACTION_PICK Intent. I have a problem with Picasa’s images. I have used the code to this link, but it don’t work (the File object don’t exist). Any idea, please.

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