How firebase persistence stores local data for my Android app

I am making an android app similar to WhatsApp. In the app users can send text as well as images. To save the messages so that they can be viewed offline I used : FirebaseDatabase.getInstance().setPersistenceEnabled(true); I was wondering how does firebase store messages offline. Does it create a local database similar to the commonly used […]

Activity can't be resumed

Over the past months I have been developing a versatile real-time game engine, and I have learned a lot, but I still feel very naive when it comes to the application life cycle. Specifically, I am trying to implement an Activity which can be shuffled in to the background by the user, then properly resumed. […]

Decoding h264 ByteStream on Android

I want to decode and display a raw h264 video byte stream in Android and therefore I’m currently using the MediaCodec/Format classes. I acquire the frame data via Udp from a server. But, unfortunately, nothing is displayed at the moment. Here is what I have so far. Initializing MediaCodec Class: codec = MediaCodec.createDecoderByType(“video/avc”); MediaFormat format […]

How download file with service in android?

I want download a file from internet with service. I found the source code and the code worked well. But i have a problem when i back from app the download are stopping or when i clear RAM, it also are stopping. So that i want found downloading code such as Google Play, which never […]

Facebook Game Requests – Object not owned by the app

I am trying to implement Facebook Game Requests to my Android App. GameRequestContent.Builder() needs to have .setObjectId() called, to use ActionType.SEND or ActionType.ASKFOR. Where do I get this object? When I try to create object using Object Manager or Object API I get this error in the Facebook dialog: Object type ‘Game’ for ID ‘xxxxxxxxxx’ […]

ToggleButton state change programmatically rather than automatically in Android?

I have created a custom class which extends ToggleButton and I override the toggle method and do not do anything in that. This has helped me in having control of switching togglebutton from on to off. Is this proper way of doing? I wanted to have the control of togglebutton switching. I mean it should […]

Is there any way to put Android WIFI (droid handset) into promiscuous monitoring mode?

For a Computer Science Information Warfare class a few years ago I wrote a python script that ran on libpcap promiscuous packet capture files to parse out facebook chat traffic (earlang tuples passed in clear text), and thought an interesting project would be to port the program to Android. I would like to rewrite it […]

Android: Google MapView show a progress indicator while map is loading

Is there a way to listen if a MapView is still loading? Because I want to show a progress indicator (such as an hourglass) while the MapView is downloading the map tiles. Any solution?

How to add facebook plugin in cordova using cli

I am using cordova 3.3.0 cli.I found the documentation for manual installation which is for eclipse /xcode project. There is documantation for phonegap build also which we does in config.xml.I just want to install Facebook plugin to my cordova project which i am building through cordova CLI Update : I came over from the problem.Thanks […]

RadioButtons with TextView in RadioGroup

Is it possible to add TextView below RadioButton in RadioGroup in any other way than extending and creating my custom RadioButton?

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