Contextual Action Bar in Honeycomb

I’m looking to copy the action bar implementation from the gmail app in Honeycomb Unfortunately I can’t post an image because I’m new here. Basically, when you select an email or more your action bar animates into a different action bar with: 1.Contextual buttons 2.A new “Done” button appears over the Home icon. Does anyone […]

How to access files from assets folder during tests execution?

How to access files from assets folder during unit tests execution? My project is build using Gradle, I use Robolectric to run tests. It seems like gradle is being recognizing the assets: This is how I’m struggling to read the file: public String readFileFromAssets(String fileName) throws IOException { InputStream stream = getClass().getClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(“assets/” + fileName); Preconditions.checkNotNull(stream, […]

Better method of viewing “adb bugreport” output? `

Is there a better method of getting detailed information about an android phone than running “adb bugreport”? Running it produces a wall of text that could take an hour to sift through. Are there any desktop UI applications or Eclipse views that can can allow you to browse all this info?

How can i open .trace file format(traceview) without DDMS?

I want to save a log of method calls. Traceview supports that function and I can get .trace file format. but, I need to open .trace file format without DDMS. If I can’t open .trace file without DDMS, How can I get a log of method calls? (The best is .txt file format.) thanks.

How to setup alljoyn sdk in android?

I am trying to setup two android devices to communicate with each other through wifi. Some of the links I have gone through suggest alljoyn sdk in order to accomplish this. There is an sdk download but there is no documentation for how to setup environment.

Android NDK UnsatisfiedLinkError – a surprising reason

Update 8/7/2013: The problem is solved now, but the reason for the error was quite unexpected, all the usual suspects for such errors were eliminated on start, and I have learned something new. See my answer below. I’m pretty desperate here. Have an Android app with a native library, from where I call a method. […]

Null pointer after capturing image using android camera

in my application,i am using android devices camera to capture an image. for some devices it works fine but some are not. I just tested it on LG nexus 4 E960, after i captured the image my application went crash without able to save the result. this is my code: //Using intent to open camera […]

LibGDX and ScrollPane with multiple widgets

Trying to add multiple items to a scrollpane I quickly found that all “addActor” functions are Unsupported. So, I went with adding a table with all the items I wanted (this code misses a image that I still want to add) to make a scrollable credits screen… but this approach (currently) doesn’t allow for overflow, […]

How to access device settings programmatically?

Is there any way to access device settings programmatically? For Example: Settings > Developer Options > USB debugging > True/False Thanks in advance. Edit: USB debugging is just an example. Can I access every settings which is exist in Settings in device.

How do I access the camera on Android phones?

I’ve written a program in Java that takes in an image file and manipulates the image. Now I’m trying to access the camera so that I can take the photo and give it to the image processing program however I’m lost as to how to do this. I’ve read the information about the camera class […]

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