android intent chooser slow to appear

When users have a lot of possible apps that can accept a certain kind of intent, the intentchooser takes a while to load, a noticeable amount of time at least Yet this waiting happens after I launch intent, is there any way I can put up some kind of loading indicator or intermediary visual element […]

File transfer between android and iPhone via bluetooth?

I was thinking of developing an iPhone and android application so that they can share data between each other via bluetooth. Is it possible? If yes how? Thanks for your help

Android ProgressDialog with setContentView

I’ve read a hell of a lot about this, and can’t see anyone who’s done or tried it before. So I’ve got an object that extends ImageView, then within this I call a progress dialog and set the progress dialogs’s content to the imageview (i.e. attempting to draw the progress dialog in the imageview..view.) loadingProgressDialog.setContentView(this); […]

Android location manager permissions to be used

I have the following code in my android project: locationManager = (LocationManager) getSystemService(LOCATION_SERVICE); Criteria criteria = new Criteria(); bestProvider = locationManager.getBestProvider(criteria, false); Location currentLocation = locationManager.getLastKnownLocation(bestProvider); location = currentLocation.getLatitude() + ” ” + currentLocation.getLongitude(); MyLocation.setText(location); I am getting an provider == null error. what permissions do I need to use? My android manifest file is: […]

Customizing Android ScrollView's Vertical Scrollbar

I need to customize ScrollView so it will look like in the picture: I already successfully customized the Thumb and the Track, but I don’t know how to add Arrows like in the picture I provided. Here is the style I’m using: <!– Scrollbar –> <style name=”scroll_view”> <item name=”android:scrollbarAlwaysDrawVerticalTrack”>true</item> <item name=”android:scrollbars”>vertical</item> <item name=”android:fadeScrollbars”>false</item> <item name=”android:scrollbarThumbVertical”>@drawable/sb_thumb</item> […]

The startPreview function is slow, Any work around?

Problem: I’m making an application on android which requires a fast response from the camera while shooting images, I noticed a slow behavior from the application, after measuring the time I noticed that function startPreview() is the responsible of the problem. Code Preview: This is the necessary part of the code (related to the problem). […]

Android WebView crashes when clicking on a link

I have some WebView widgets inside my Activity. I use loadData() to set the content, and this html contains a link. Some of my WebViews work okay, when I click the link, the web browser is started in a new window, but some make my app crash when I click on a link. 10-13 08:45:24.257: […]

how to change images on imageView after some interval

I have a problem that I want to paste images on ImageView in Android and that images are periodically changed after some interval. Means one by one images shown in ImageView. I am doing this with the help of Thread in java but I got some problem that Thread is not attached and something. Please […]

Android: Audio Recording with voice level visualization

I need a create a android application which is for recording voice while showing the voice(sound) level visualization. I already created a audio recording application but I can not add to it sound level visualization. How can I do it? please someone help me a giving suggestion or a sample tutorials link or code.

Android ScrollView scrolls to top after calling setVisibility(View.VISIBLE) on child view

I have a ScrollView with a RelativeLayout inside it. This RelativeLayout then has several Views inside it. One of these several Views is a CheckBox. When the CheckBox is checked/unchecked, some of the other Views should appear/disappear accordingly.The appearing and disappear is working fine, but every time the target Views appear or disappear, the ScrollView […]

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