AppCompat v22: Set default textcolor for TextView

I would like to set a default textcolor in my AppTheme, which should be black (not the default Material Design dark grey). The textColor should be overriden by setting a custom style via android:textAppearance-attribute on a UI-element (e.g. TextView). This is my current setup: I use AppCompat-Library in my project: compile ‘’ I defined the […]

Android audio : change pitch

The Android documentation for SoundPool says “the application can also alter the pitch by adjusting the playback rate in real-time for doppler or synthesis effects”. So I tried to do this, using the setRate method to vary smoothly from one note to another, but the result is awful: the sound variation is very ragged. Here […]

Android – Refresh Options Menu without calling invalidateOptionsMenu()

Hello Android Developers, I have seen a lot of question regarding the update of Options Menu. However, every answer says I have to call invalidateOptionsMenu(). My question is, is there any other way of updating the Options Menu without invoking the method invalidateOptionsMenu()?

Are there any advantages to switch to Otto from Broadcast events

I stumbled upon Otto, and it looks like it’s used as a replacement for Broadcast events. I read the doc but, I don’t understand if there are much advantages to use Otto.

File Picker for Android

Is there any picker available to pick file from the SDCard or Device memory,like FilePicker available in Blackberry? If not ,then any alternative for doing this? Please help me. Thanks in advance.

How to implement multi-windowed layout (like the default browser) (Editor with several open files)

I am writing an editor (of sorts) which I want to be able to have multiple windows open at the same time, and I want to be able to navigate between windows as can be done in the default browser (Internet) application. See picture: for clarification. My question is how to implement these windows; […]

“Hardcoded string xxx should use @string resource” issue

I’m getting the following error in hello world activity code: Description Resource Path Location Type [I18N] Hardcoded string “and this is a clickable button!”, should use @string resource activity_hello_world.xml/HelloWorld/res/layout line 21 Android Lint Problem Please help me out.

display html formatted text in android app

I am porting a web application to android platform.The app will consist of some web content (accessed using WebView) and some offline content. I need to display some amount of text as offline content in the home screen, and I’m kinda confused how to go about it. I have gone through the android documentation of […]

Why should i use anonymous classes in Android instead of class redefinition?

I’m new in Android dev. I read some books about it. And all authors strongly recommend to use anonymous classes instead of class redefinition. They say that TextView txtTitle; … txtTitle.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { } }); better than txtTitle.setOnClickListener(new MyOnClickListener(position)); … private class MyOnClickListener implements OnClickListener{ … } Can anybody […]

AutoCompleteTextView – disable filtering

I’m retrieving a list of strings from a webservice and I want to list them up on a AutoCompleteTextField regardless of the built-in AutoCompleteTextField filters. How do I do that? is there a way to disable it’s inner filtering easily (preferably without subclassing) I’ve loaded all my results into a ArrayAdapter, the problem is that […]

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