cocos2d-X doesn't find android platform

I’m using cocos2d-X v3 and I created a new cocos2d-X project following this tutorial. But when I run cocos run -s ~/MyCompany/MyGame -p android I get this error: building apk Android platform not specified, searching a default one… Can’t find right android-platform for project : “/Users/filipeferminiano/MyCompany/MyGame/”. The android-platform should be equal/larger than 10

Ant versus Eclipse builds for Android: Strengths of Each?

I’ve used Eclipse and vim variously as development environments for Android applications and found both the Eclipse plugin and the command-line SDK tools to be of similar capability. Since I haven’t explored either in its entirety, however, I’d like to ask: What advantages are there to using Eclipse over the command-line tools and vice-versa? I […]

Implementing the View.IOnTouchListener interface

In Xamarin, I have coded a class that implements the View.IOnTouchListener interface. Here is my code: public class OnTouchListener : View.IOnTouchListener { public bool OnTouch (View v, MotionEvent e) { return true; } void IDisposable.Dispose () { throw new NotImplementedException (); } IntPtr Android.Runtime.IJavaObject.Handle { get { throw new NotImplementedException (); } } } What […]

Captured Photo orientation is changing in android

I’am opening camera app on click of a button. And displaying the captured photo in next activity. But the captured photo is rotating by 90 degrees. When I display the image in a view after I capture it, it’s orientation is always landscape. Why is the photo not being shown in portrait as is when […]

print All request log called from volley library

I am using volley library to call rest web services and I am using post and get but I don’t know why I am sending post and it received as post from the server side so I want to print all requests that are done bu this library like [30/Jul/2013:12:28:09 +0000] “POST /app HTTP/1.1” 302 […]

Android beginner: onDestroy

Shall I place commands before or after super.onDestroy() when overwriting an activity’s ondestroy? protected void onDestroy() { //option 1: callback before or … super.onDestroy(); //option 2: callback after super.onDestroy(); } (Now I fear: If super.onDestroy is too fast, it will never arrive in option 2.)

adding android project to git

Which are the files that I have to ignore when adding a project to git? Should I add the .classpath file? What is the purpose of .classpath? Im using eclipse and pushing to a Jenkins server

is autoupdating possible in Android without using android market?

Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to automatically update application on Android? As a property of an application(NOT USING GOOGLE PLAY), an auto-updating possible in android? I mean can a application check and download the new apk file, and install after downloading it?

AppCompat v22: Set default textcolor for TextView

I would like to set a default textcolor in my AppTheme, which should be black (not the default Material Design dark grey). The textColor should be overriden by setting a custom style via android:textAppearance-attribute on a UI-element (e.g. TextView). This is my current setup: I use AppCompat-Library in my project: compile ‘’ I defined the […]

Android audio : change pitch

The Android documentation for SoundPool says “the application can also alter the pitch by adjusting the playback rate in real-time for doppler or synthesis effects”. So I tried to do this, using the setRate method to vary smoothly from one note to another, but the result is awful: the sound variation is very ragged. Here […]

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