How do I prevent Android Studio from automatically collapsing my packages in project navigation?

I have run into this annoyance over and over again and have been unable to find a solution or an answer here for it: When I create a package in my application and then add a package within it, if I do not have a file in the directory already it will auto collapse my […]

What is the use of <permission-group> in android?

From android documentation, Its clear that Using “permission-group” we can create a permission group. Using “permission” element in android manifest file, we can define a permission. This permission can be added to permission-group. if we name this permission-group as “com.example.permission-group” can we use it in another application using “uses-permission”. If we can use, whether can […]

How to add border around TableLayout?

Below is my table code. My screen looks like this but I wanna make it looks like this How can I add borders around each row and around table layout? <TableLayout android:id=”@+id/table2″ android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_below=”@+id/test_button_text23″ android:layout_marginLeft=”45dp” android:layout_marginBottom=”25dp” android:layout_marginRight=”45dp” android:layout_height=”fill_parent” android:stretchColumns=”*” > <TableRow android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”match_parent” > <TextView android:gravity=”left” android:text=”Quantity” android:textStyle=”bold” /> <TextView android:gravity=”center” android:textStyle=”bold” android:text=”Item” […]

Android correct way to use OKHTTP singleton for parallel queries with cookies

I am working on an android project in which I am planning to replace Apache httpclient implementation with OKHTTP client. I would like to know how I can create a global Client that can be used for networking requests in different activities and services that will use the multi-threading of client. Should I create a […]

Fullscreen activity wizard activity. How do I stop actionbar from showing when I interact with device?

When I create an activity using the fullscreen activity wizard it creatre a fullscreen activity but whenever I click anywhere on the screen the actionbar shows for a few seconds. How can I stop it from doing so? Full code of /** * An example full-screen activity that shows and hides the system UI […]

PBKDF2 function in Android

Is there PBKDF2 implementation for Android. I am trying to derive a key using PBKDF2 function. I couldn’t find an example to do so.

How to change EditText bubble color (under cursor) in android?

How to change the color of EditText bubble in android, I could do change the cursor drawable but I want change color of Bubble, please share idea on it. Reference screenshot: Any help would be appreciated.

Is this possible to check if a broadcast was sent in sticky mode? Can it be aborted/removed?

Is this possible to check if a broadcast was sent in sticky mode? Can we completely abort/remove a sticky broadcast? If yes, then can it be done for both normal and ordered broadcasts?

Error:Must have one-pixel frame that is either transparent or white in Android Studio

I have just imported a project from eclipse to Android studio. Almost for every second image , android studio is giving the following error. Error:Must have one-pixel frame that is either transparent or white. I am trying to edit my images for last few hours, but couldn’t do it. Can anyone guide me whats the […]

Error inflating class <unknown>

I am trying to work my way in UI. I am trying to set stateListDrawable for list entries. All I am trying to do is change the color of the list item’s layout when the item is pressed, and while the list item is pressed I want to change the color of the text as […]

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