Android – epub reader to read .epub files..

I am developing and EPUB reader. I want to know some things related to other EPUB readers there in the market (like Cool reader, FBReader, Amazon Kindle and many more). What type of view they use to show pages of .EPUB books? Is it normal textview, webview or something custom? How to implement search and […]

Android Speedometer (Needle Gauge)

Creating a simple app that calculates the speed your going and displays it in a speedometer graphic. I can do all the speed calculations, gps calculations etc.. but i am not too sure about the animation. Does anyone have any good tutorials or examples on needle gauges other than the thermometer example out there?

Using onResume() to refresh activity

I can’t for the life of me figure out how to have an activity be refreshed after pressing the back button. I currently have activity A that fires an intent to goto B and while on act B if you press back I want to go back to act A but have it refresh itself. […]

Android googleMap Map does not show, only grid, sometimes

So, I have been working on getting this up and running for some time now. Problem is I have my map key from Google placed correctly in main.xml, but I can’t seem to get a provider information as the map does not display at all. I have run it a couple of times and the […]

Start FragmentActivity from Activity

How can I start a FragmentActivity from an Activity? My MainActivity is a splash screen and I want to star a FragmentActivity next. I need something instead of, for example: startActivity(new Intent(“com.example.manager.MyFragmentActivity”)); TIA.

AdMob: Upgraded Version of AdMob Ad Unit ID Troubleshooting

I’ve recently just upgraded to the new version of AdMob (the previous version is referred to as Legacy AdMob). I imported my information from the Legacy AdMob to the upgraded version. I’m now unsure of how to add a new ad unit. I have two (2) ads. One is a main screen ad (ad 1) […]

Recyclerviews and SwipeRefreshLayout using support library 23.2.0

Has anyone figured out a way to get recyclerviews, AppbarLayouts and SwipeRefreshLayout to work together on 23.2 yet? I am using a pretty standard method I think, but the swiperefreshlayout keeps grabbing the scroll gesture when trying to move up the recyclerview. < android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content”> < android:id=”@+id/appbar” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content”> < android:id=”@+id/toolbar” android:layout_width=”match_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:theme=”?attr/toolbar_theme” app:layout_scrollFlags=”scroll|enterAlways” […]

Is it possible to have both back and menu button in toolbar Android?

In iOS Amazon app, they implemented both back and menu button together. Is it possible to implement the same in Android?

Flip an Android Canvas

Is there an easy way to flip a canvas in Android? I cant seem to find anything that allows me to flip it vertically so that zero on the y-axis is the bottom of the phone screen instead of the top. It’s OK if the solution isn’t especially fast because I’m not doing anything computationally […]

NullPointerException in dissapearence animation of RecyclerView from support v.23.2.0

In new RecyclerView we can use wrap_content for height (or for width). So Google fixed bug – But not all is well in the end. I try to use animation of dissapearence when remove item from RecyclerView. So i use method of Adapter – notifyItemRemoved(int) with any argument and RecyclerView cause NullPointerException. Xml code: […]

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