Application not configured for billing through Google Play

I am working on an android project and I am trying to implement In App Billing V3. I have uploaded my app to Google Play, and add an IAP to the app. I can successfully retrieve a list of the IAP my app has along with its price but when I actually try to make […]

android widget with multiple buttons

i have developed a android widget with mutiple buttons on it. it works fine and i add first time. but when i reboot the device buttons do not fire. here it is what i do here is xml config <receiver android:name=”com.islem.widget.MyWidgetMain” android:label=”@string/app_name”> <intent-filter> <action android:name=”android.appwidget.action.APPWIDGET_UPDATE” /> <!– Broadcast Receiver that will also process our self […]

YouTubeStandAlonePlayer in Fullscreen mode with both Portrait and Landscape without restarting (Android)

Im using a YouTubeStandAlonePlayer to play a youtube video in my app When I use YouTubeStandAlonePlayer in LightBox Mode the video rotates whenever the device orientation changes and does not restart the activity However when I use YouTubeStandAlonePlayer in fullscreen mode it only plays in landscape mode My app only operates in portrait mode, but […]

EditText hint disappears with gravity

I have seen many similar questions to this one but I think this still covers new ground: 1) Hint text disappears when you set gravity 2) android:ellipsize=”start” fixes that so you can have centered hints and centered text 3) why does the code below still show centered hint text? <EditText android:id=”@+id/details” android:layout_width=”fill_parent” android:layout_height=”wrap_content” android:gravity=”center” android:hint=”use […]

photo/image-to-sketch algorithm

Does anyone have an idea, link, library, source code, … on how to convert photo’s and images (bitmaps) to sketchy-like pictures? I can’t find any good sources on how to do it. I found this link How to cartoon-ify an image programmatically? about how to cartoon-ify a image programmatically, but i prefer to make it […]

Java generic method type argument

I have a problem with generic method’s explicit type arguments. I know I can do this: Foo.<Bar>function(); assuming there is a void <T> function() {…} function in Foo class. The exact problem is: I would like to download some content (Android with Ion) These contents are similar (Article, BlogArticle, …), all implements a ContentItem interface […]

How to change the style of Date picker in android?

I want to change the default color of the date or time picker dialog in android, so that it should match my app’s theme. I searched for the same on google, but I couldn’t find a valid solution. What I was doing is, I was creating a new style . <style name=”datepicker” parent=”@android:style/Widget.DeviceDefault.DatePicker”> <!—TODO–> <item […]

How to get a red asterisk in a <string> entry

How do you get a red asterisk in a entry so that you can display it at the end of the text to indicate its a required field, like: Enter your name * (asterisk will be red). Or, for that matter, anywhere within the text.

javascript + phoneGap – how to detect when in an active phone call

I searched for this question and it’s a question that has remained unanswered, I was wondering if anyone could help to figure this out… Using javascript libraries and phonegap, I would like to place a phone call and when the call is answered play an audio file to the recipient. This audio should only be […]

Button with text AND an image (Android)

I want to create an android button with both an image and text, but the text is automatically centered. How do I place the text at the bottom of the button? I know I can use relative layout to place a second text button underneath the image, but I prefer to minimize the code.

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