How to add animation to DialogFragment?

How can I add animation to DialogFragment. My animations are: out anim: <scale android:duration=”200″ android:fillAfter=”false” android:fromXScale=”1.0″ android:fromYScale=”1.0″ android:interpolator=”@android:anim/linear_interpolator” android:pivotX=”50%” android:pivotY=”-90%” android:startOffset=”200″ android:toXScale=”0.5″ android:toYScale=”0.5″ /> <translate android:duration=”300″ android:fromXDelta=”0″ android:fromYDelta=”0″ android:toXDelta=”-200″ android:toYDelta=”-200″ /> in anim: <scale android:duration=”200″ android:fillAfter=”false” android:fromXScale=”0.5″ android:fromYScale=”0.5″ android:interpolator=”@android:anim/linear_interpolator” android:pivotX=”50%” android:pivotY=”-90%” android:toXScale=”1.0″ android:toYScale=”1.0″ /> <translate android:duration=”300″ android:fromXDelta=”-200″ android:fromYDelta=”-200″ android:toXDelta=”0″ android:toYDelta=”0″ /> and my code: FragmentTransaction […]

OnClickListener on scrollView

I have a scrollView with lot of elements ScrollView scroller = (ScrollView)findViewById(; I need to attach an onClickListener to the scrollview so I do scroller.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() { @Override public void onClick(View v) { // This is all you need to do to 3D flip AnimationFactory.flipTransition(viewAnimator, FlipDirection.LEFT_RIGHT); } }); But this is not getting triggered when […]

ClassNotFoundException when using custom Parcelable

I use a custom Parcelable to carry some data to a BroadcastReceiver. Here is what i do: I register my intent and set the extra Parcelable on it along with an extra classloader (intent.setExtraClassLoader(..)). Next i schedule the execution of the broadcast via an AlarmManager. So when the AlarmManager fires it looks at my intent […]

How can I determine if a geopoint is displayed in currently viewable area?

Say I have mapview control in my Android app. If I know a landmark exists at a certain latitude and longitude, how can I determine if that landmark is currently viewable on the user’s screen? Is there a method for getting the coordinates for the top left and bottom right corners of the visible area?

Add drop shadow to slide out navigation

I have implemented slide out navigation using this. The content should drop shadow near menu list’s right edge; like I’m trying to add shadow by adding a view to content left edge, but it wont show up. Any clue on how to do this will be appreciated.

How to get a list of key frames (sync frames) time stamps for a video file in Android?

Is there any API which can give me the list of time stamps of the key frames for the given video file in Android?

Android – Set TalkBack accessibility focus to a specific view

When TalkBack is enabled, is there any way to set the accessibility focus manual to a specific view? For instance, when my Activity is started I want TalkBack to automatically focus on a certain Button (yellow frame around the view) and read its content description. What I’ve tried so far: myButton.setFocusable(true); myButton.setFocusableInTouchMode(true); myButton.requestFocus(); requestFocus(), it […]

Android device keeps disconnecting from adb / eclipse

So I’ve read nearly every stack overflow answer about this issue, but still no solution. My device keeps getting disconnected. I’ve switched through 12 wires, I’ve tried every USB port; nothing. Eclipse keeps dropping the connection. It happens most often when I enter debug mode. Has anyone found a solution to this? Is this a […]

How to add overlay view over other view in android?

I want to put button above image view. How can i do this? (Please, don’t offer to set Background, cause i need ImageView)

ExpandableListView and the NavigationDrawer

I am having a pretty strange issue. My logic is simple, my app uses a NavigationDrawer for main application navigation, and due to the complexity of the options available, I want to use an ExpandableListViev to nest some navigation items. The issue? Simple too: The list of items loads on the drawer; however, they don’t […]

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