how to split mp3 file using java

can any one give me best example to split mp3 file using java or android

“Back” button on Action bar – Android . How to go “back”?

Image ! Action Bar I’m talking about the (Number 1, in the pic), button with a little arrow and the app icon and the top left side of the screen. It is automatically defined when we select the “Black activity” template. My app has a pretty huge hierarchy graph, got about 25 activities now. I’m […]

How to slide image with finger touch in android?

I am developing an android application in which I want to slide images with finger touch. I have implemented an onClickListener with which I can slide images but I don’t know how to implement finger touch functionality. Please suggest me any method how to slide images with finger touch. Any Suggestion or any tutorial or […]

What is the best practice for putting classes under package names in Android

Android Studio 0.8.11 Hello, I have just completed a test on Android which was to build an app that takes a live news feed, and display them. However, the instructor was very critical as I put all my classes under one package. I am just wondering what is the best practice for packaging classes. For […]

Suppress / Block BroadcastReceiver in another app

Go SMS recently updated with a new feature “Disable other message notification”. The feature causes other applications listening to the incoming SMS broadcast to not fire. For example my application, Shady SMS, listens to the incoming SMS broadcast to send notifications and to actually extract and save the SMS message. When this new feature in […]

SecurityException: Permission Denial: opening provider

I have the following problem. We have created a Game Center Application that provides a framework to create ad hoc wifi games and manages the highscores / encounters of such games. Database access for highscores is done with a provider: <provider android:name=”com.identifier.gamecenterapp.contentprovider.MyGamesContentProvider” android:authorities=”com.identifier.gamecenterapp.contentprovider” > </provider> our demo game (as reference for future game developers) contains […]

Why is the first view in ViewPager appearing empty?

I have a viewpager using the following adapter and after it’s loaded the first view appears empty but it’s not. If I scroll to the next view and then scroll back I can see the content. import android.content.Context; import android.os.Parcelable; import; import; import android.view.View; import android.widget.TextView; import java.util.ArrayList; public class MyPagerAdapter extends PagerAdapter […]

Error:Execution failed for task ':lib:compileReleaseAidl'. > Executor Singleton not started

When I import one project into my Android Studio from Github, this happens. How to fix it? Information:Gradle tasks [:app:generateDebugSources, :app:generateDebugTestSources, :lib:generateDebugSources, :lib:generateDebugTestSources] :app:preBuild :app:preDebugBuild :app:checkDebugManifest :app:preReleaseBuild :lib:compileLint :lib:copyReleaseLint UP-TO-DATE :lib:preBuild :lib:preReleaseBuild :lib:checkReleaseManifest :lib:preDebugBuild :lib:preDebugTestBuild :lib:prepareComAndroidSupportAppcompatV72102Library UP-TO-DATE :lib:prepareComAndroidSupportCardviewV72102Library UP-TO-DATE :lib:prepareComAndroidSupportSupportV42102Library UP-TO-DATE :lib:prepareReleaseDependencies :lib:compileReleaseAidl FAILED Error:Execution failed for task ‘:lib:compileReleaseAidl’. > Executor Singleton not started

How to smoothly keep moving current location marker in Google Maps v2 android

I have placed a marker for my location. I would like to move my marker smoothly something like the Google maps app. The blue circle moves very smoothly when I keep moving in my car. I would like implement the same for my app. how do I implement this on my app? As of now […]

Best way to update TextView, every minute, on the minute

My problem is similar to this one, How to update a widget every minute, however I only want to update TextView of the UI. I need access to the time so unfortunately can not simply use the DigitalClock view. Ive been researching and have found ways to update every minute, but not on the minute […]

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